Bears WR Looks Incredible in Hype Video Featuring Mitch Trubisky [LOOK]

Chicago Bears WR Anthony Miller

Getty Chicago Bears WR Anthony Miller

Is 2020 going to be the year of Anthony Miller? The Chicago Bears‘ third-year wide receiver has had multiple media outlets predict he’ll have a breakout year this season, and Miller seems bent on proving his supporters right.

The former second-round pick is putting in some major work this offseason. Miller has been working out with quarterback Mitch Trubisky recently, and he shared a video of their training session on his Instagram page. In it, Miller’s route running — an area he needed to improve upon to take that next step — is looking sharper and more crisp than ever. He’s also looking fit, strong, and fully healed from his second shoulder surgery in two years — and Trubisky’s not looking too bad, either. You can watch the hype video Miller shared below.

WARNING: The music accompanying the video contains some very NSFW lyrics, so be warned if you utilize volume when viewing.

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Hype Video Features Miller Running Sharp Routes, Trubisky Using Slightly Different Throwing Motion

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Bears’ wide receivers coach Mike Furrey noted in June that he and Miller had been communicating frequently about how the wideout was re-shaping his focus to improve his game this offseason.

“We’ve talked a lot about him coming from Memphis, where his athletic ability was able to take over a lot of things and it’s allowed him to become successful. But now when you’re in Chicago and you’re in a big city, you have people that expect things out of you and you have all these things that are different than when you were in Memphis. You better structure your daily schedule,” Furrey said. And they’ve done just that: “We will have a structured schedule throughout the week, and that process will help him become more successful on Sundays when we line up.”

The early returns are looking good for Miller, and also for Trubisky, who is seen continuing his work with famed quarterbacks coach Jeff Christensen in the video. Trubisky has been working with Christensen for a good deal of the offseason, and his throws seem slightly faster, his release just a bit quicker. Zack Pearson of 247 Sports also noted that Trubisky’s throwing motion looks a little different in the video. All that matters, however, is that Trubisky’s mechanics and decision-making improve on the field, and the same holds true for Miller, as well.

Miller is Showing Maturity Off the Field…

Miller was a bit late getting workouts in with Trubisky this year, partly due to his recovery from surgery, but also because he experienced a major change in his personal life this summer. He and his partner Ariana Novak just welcomed a baby boy.

Furrey also noted earlier this summer that he thinks Miller’s maturity off the field could very well translate into maturity on it — and he says Miller is stepping up and elevating his game in a multitude of ways this offseason.

“That’s something we’ve been talking about all offseason, continuing to grow him from a maturity standpoint, educating himself on the game, what it takes to become a professional. And I would say right now he’s exceeded his expectations heading into the season,” Furrey said.

Those are strong words coming from Furrey, who isn’t one to heap huge amounts of praise onto his players unless they’ve earned it. If Miller can finally stay healthy, it’s looking more and more like the Bears will finally have the receiver they moved up to get in the second round.

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