Washington Adds Familiar Face To Lead Name Change, Marketing Efforts

Washington Redskins

The football team in Washington has added Terry Bateman to be its executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

Bateman will be “leading the charge on the name change and branding process along with Owner Dan Snyder,” according to Pro Football Action.

Bateman Previously Worked With Washington

Bateman has over 40 years of experience in sports and entertainment. He was previously worked as the chief marketing officer for Washington in the past and has served under owner Dan Snyder during several stints.

“Terry Bateman is a man I trust and have worked with for many years,” Snyder said in a statement (as relayed by Pro Football Talk). “I can’t think of a better individual to help spearhead this organization’s marketing efforts into this new era.”

While Bateman will be leading the efforts to solidify a new name for the franchise, others will be involved. In addition to Snyder, new coach Ron Rivera, who recently said he was brought to Washington to help with the culture, will also be part of the process.

It’s been rumored that Washington hasn’t announced its new name because it’s tangled in a legal battle over the trademarks for their desired choice. We don’t know what name they are picking for the team, though we do know the colors, as burgundy and gold will remain the team’s colors.


Washington Remains Under Official Review

The franchise recently hired Washington attorney Beth Wilkinson to review the organization’s protocols and those efforts continue.

“The Washington Redskins football team takes issues of employee conduct seriously … While we do not speak to specific employee situations publicly, when new allegations of conduct are brought forward that are contrary to these policies, we address them promptly,” the team said in a statement to the newspaper.

A total of 15 former Washington employees tell Will Hobson and Liz Clarke of The Washington Post that they have been sexually harassed during their time with the club.

The review was announced prior to The Washington Post article being released, though speculation of this barrel of incriminating news spread throughout the week and several former players, including Josh Norman, were not surprised that the organization was under fire, as Pro Football Action relayed.

One former team employee described the atmosphere within the organization as toxic. The onboarding process to become an employee is brief and the process of reporting items to HR is omitted. Newly hired women are left to figure it out themselves or learn from veteran female employees, as The Post explained.

Former women employees said the first few weeks at Redskins Park also often came with an informal, but invaluable, orientation administered privately by veteran female employees who warned them to avoid certain people and places, such as the staircase near the entrance to team headquarters.

Lined at the top with transparent plexiglass, the stairs descend from the lobby to the locker room and training area, and someone standing at the bottom can look up the skirt of a woman standing at the top.

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