Jason Kelce Teases Carson Wentz, Calls Eagles Playmaker ‘Blazing Fast’

Jason Kelce

Getty Eagles center Jason Kelce sees an incredibly motivated Carson Wentz.

Jason Kelce noticed Carson Wentz’s bulked-up physique in a slightly different way than most people did.

The Eagles All-Pro center referred to it as “dad weight” and thinks the quarterback added some pounds to prevent injury. Two years removed from a fractured back — and three years after a season-ending left knee injury — Wentz put an emphasis on taking better care of his body in the offseason. Kelce was quick to comically comment on the extra padding.

“He’s got some dad weight going on, which I’m sure will be very good for injury prevention,” Kelce told reporters on Tuesday, “and I think that it looks a lot more natural. I know that is something that he put a big emphasis on in the offseason, was getting to a comfortable weight, now two years after the [back] injury.”

Wentz explained back in late July that he hadn’t changed up too much in terms of his exercise routine. It was more about just hitting it a “little harder” in the gym after he and his wife welcomed a baby girl named Hadley Jayne into their lives on April 28.

“For me, the last couple of offseasons I was dealing with injuries and trying to bounce back from injuries so this offseason I was really able to get after it and work out a little harder in the gym and all those things,” Wentz said. “I haven’t gained anything insane for weight but I definitely gained some weight and I feel really good for where I’m at.”

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Miles Sanders Looks ‘Blazing Fast’ & ‘Explosive’

Miles Sanders caused a stir on Tuesday afternoon when he posted a cryptic message on Twitter saying: “Can’t catch a break.” Eagles fans all over the country immediately went into panic mode and feared the worst, like a season-ending injury.

Nope, Sanders is fine and followed it up with a soothing sigh of relief: “Keep calm y’all lol I’m ready for the season.” However, the 212-pounder did admit that he had bulked up in the offseason as he looks to “break more tackles” and prove to everyone he can be an every-down rusher in the NFL. He wouldn’t say how much he had gained but Kelce attempted a guess.

“I can’t say I’ve noticed too much added weight with Miles if I’m being honest,” Kelce said. “I haven’t looked too close at him but he’s still blazing fast. If he has added weight I can assure you that it hasn’t taken away from his explosiveness.”

Kelce also chimed in on Andre Dillard’s offseason and credited his strong work in the weight room. He has reportedly put on 20 pounds, from 315 to 335. Now it’s up to the second-year left tackle to take the next step in terms of technique and footwork.

“That’s really where he has to take the next step,” Kelce said, referring to technique. “If he can improve the technique, the hand usage, the ability to change up the set lines and all that … man, that kid has a lot of good attributes. We’re all looking forward to seeing what he can do this year.”

Kelce Never Considered Opting Out in 2020

It sounds like a broken record at this point, another Eagles veteran who never considered opting out. Kelce was the latest player to reveal that it was barely a topic of conversation for his family as he felt he had a responsibility to the organization to not sit out the year.

The 32-year-old center — remember, Kelce openly considered retirement the last two years — said he owed it to his family and to all the people (read: Eagles fans) who have supported him throughout his career to make it happen. Kelce doesn’t feel unsafe and praised the NFL and NFLPA for enacting all the safety protocols to protect them.

“For myself and my family, there wasn’t too much of a discussion about it,” Kelce said. “We kind of had already known that we were going to go back and try and do this thing. I don’t think hunkering down and watching everything go by [was a good option]. I have a responsibility not just to my family, but to an entire organization and an entire career of people who have gone to great lengths to put this thing together, to at least go out there and try to make it happen.”

Kelce added that sitting in meeting rooms with offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland, a normally boring chore for a 10-year veteran, has been rather therapeutic.

“Getting back to some sense of normalcy has been therapeutic,” Kelce said. “This whole experience has made me appreciate just how awesome it is to be able to come in here and have the ability to make these decisions and come to work with this group of people and this group of teammates.”

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