Jason Kelce Finally Comments on Retirement Plans

Jason Kelce

Getty Eagles center Jason Kelce attempted to fire up his teammates with an emotional speech.

The best center in football has been mum on his future with the Eagles, until now. Jason Kelce is retiring.

From arm wrestling. The fun-loving 32-year-old revealed his plans on Instagram on Thursday in a tongue-in-cheek announcement. Yes, his “drunken” arm-wrestling days are behind him but Kelce will be back hiking footballs to Carson Wentz in 2020. He’s got unfinished business in the NFL and will return for the 2020 season.

Kelce wrote a lengthy post on social media where he said he is “fully excited” and “can’t wait to be out there this season” with his teammates. The full text is copied below:

Until now I haven’t address my future because I have been mulling it over for some time this offseason. I wanted to allow my body and mind to fully recover from the rigors of an NFL season, and take time with my family to see what lies ahead. After thinking long and hard about this I have come to a decision. I have decided to RETIRE… from arm wrestling.

I leave behind a 2-0 record, one win against this man, and the other being against @28cgiroux [Philadelphia Flyers center Claude Giroux] and want to go out on top. It was a good run, but my drunken arm wrestling days are behind me, and it’s better to move on to a more mature future. I thank everyone along the way that has made this possible! Especially @brickandbrew for cutting me off after this debacle (which was completely warranted, love you guys) and getting me to sleep.

Despite this retirement, I am fully excited for the 2020 season and will be out there with my teammates, coaches and hopefully fans this coming season. Enough media members and fans have reached out if I am playing next season, and I just wanted to make an announcement so I can stop getting asked. Can’t wait to be out there this season, can’t wait to have sports back, and I can’t wait till this lockdown is over. #GoEagles

Eagles GM Howie Roseman confirmed that Kelce was coming back on a conference call with reporters. “Did we announce it yet?”, Roseman asked his PR team. Kelce had already posted his plans.

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