Silkk The Shocker ‘Really’ Wants to Own the New Orleans Saints: Exclusive

Drew Brees

Getty Saints quarterback Drew Brees reacted to Kobe Bryant's passing just minutes after it was reported.

Are the New Orleans Saints for sale? If so, New Orleans native Silkk The Shocker wants to own them.

“I really do,” he told Heavy on a recent episode of Heavy on Lakers.

“I really want to. I think at some point I am.”

Silkk The Shocker was a successful rapper and actor in the 1990s and 2000s signed under No Limit Records. In 1999, his Made Man album went certified platinum by the RIAA after selling over 3.5 million records in the United States and 5 million copies worldwide.

According to Forbes, the New Orleans Saints are valued at $2.075 billion.

The Saints are ranked 26th out of 32 NFL franchises. The average NFL team is worth $2.34 billion, Forbes reported.

Master P Wants to Own a New Orleans Team, Too

GettySilkk The Shocker performs onstage during VH1 Hip Hop Honors: The 90s Game Changers at Paramount Studios on September 17, 2017, in Los Angeles, California.

Silkk The Shocker is the uncle to rapper Romeo Miller and the brother of hip hop mogul Master P.

Master P has a successful career as founder and CEO of the independent record company No Limit Records. A successful rap artist with multiple Grammy awards, Master P also oversaw the record label and film arm of his brand.

Recently, Master P said he wants to own the New Orleans Pelicans NBA team. “If I’m not going to own it, I know I can’t control it,” Master P said on a recent episode of #WORDSWITHSCOOP Presented by Orox Leather.

“I made a song called ‘You Need to Know,’ and we need to get that information out. I say that ‘this is the realest I ever wrote / this is the realest shit I ever spoke…’ This is the stuff that they don’t want you to know. But if you get money, this is the stuff you need to know. We need to know economics and banking. We need to know that they give us 1% of these teams’ minority ownership. That’s not enough because we have no control. So if we’re not going to own that and be the majority owner of it, I’m good.”

Master P has a longtime connection with the NBA. In 1998, he was signed to a preseason contract by the Charlotte Hornets. In 1999, he got a similar deal with the Raptors. He never appeared in an NBA game, however. He had a brief stint in the CBA, with the Fort Wayne Fury, as well as in the International Basketball League and the American Basketball Association. He appeared in the NBA’s Celebrity Game over All-Star weekend twice, in 2008 and 2017.

Silkk The Shocker and Master P have been trending over the last month on social media. Their No Limit Chronicles documentary just ended a successful run on BET. The documentary examined their music dynasty and business ventures across television, film, footwear and the food industry.

Kim Kardashian West Wants to Help ‘#FreeCoreyMiller,” the Brother of Silkk the Shocker & Master P

On August 16, Kim Kardashian West announced via Twitter that she is using her resources to seek justice in the case of Silkk The Shocker and Master P’s brother, C-Murder. C-Murder was convicted in the 2002 shooting death of 16-year-old Steve Thomas in Louisiana and was sentenced to life in prison in 2009.

Kardashian noted that evidence has been questioned in the case and eyewitnesses have since recanted their testimony pinning him to the crime. She also said there are claims that jurors were pressured to vote guilty.

“On January 18, 2002 a tragedy occurred when a young man was killed,” tweeted Kardashian:

The next day Corey Miller was arrested for the murder. The jury convicted Corey 10-2 and he was sentenced him to life in prison. If his trial was today, the jury would have had to be unanimous for him to be convicted. Since his trial, witnesses have recanted, new evidence of his potential innocence has come to light, and there are claims of jurors being pressured into voting to convict. True justice for the young man requires that the person who actually killed him be held responsible and that Corey Miller he returned home to his kids.Today I’m teaming up with @MonicaDenise, @JessicaJackson and @EdyHaney to #FreeCoreyMiller.

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