Contender Erupts: ‘F*** the Diaz Brothers!’

UFC Fighters Nick and Nate Diaz


Another UFC welterweight contender erupted on Nick and Nate Diaz via social media on Thursday. It was “Platinum” Mike Perry this time that took aim at the most popular and successful brothers in MMA history in what appears to be an effort to lure at least one of the brothers into the Octagon.

Perry began his tirade by posting about returning 37-year-old star Nick Diaz. In fact, most of his tweets were aimed at the elder brother.

Perry posted, “Everybody talking about the return of @nickdiaz209 like he looks tough or something. A skinny weakling like his lil brother, y’all both look like @mickeygall, @realroycewas the only guy ever good at that jitsu style. Florida jiu-jitsu is on top! #EastCoast”

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Perry: ‘I Know You Don’t Train Like You Used To’

Perry wasn’t nearly done. He continued, “They saying you won’t show up for the fight @nickdiaz209 your brother already got showed up by the east coast. You ain’t gonna do nothing about that?”

Perry posted, “I know you don’t train like you use to @nickdiaz209 but I have just been chilling with my girl on #MiamiBeach and you still don’t want this east coast smoke! I’m a power puncher and those lil salt & pepper punches you throw won’t phase me.”

Perry Offered Brutal Prediction for Fight

Perry continued his prediction for the proposed fight. The fighter posted, “I’ll hit you with this right hook and you’ll pull guard and I’ll just ride out the time with ground and pound from top position. If you don’t want to come back we understand, just stop clout chasing @nickdiaz209”

It didn’t end there. Perry posted, “Who you hanging with @nickdiaz209? Y’all look soft and your nose looks worse then mine. Your big head is a great target for this right-hand old man. Look like you been riding ig horses with that stance. If you a gunslinger you shooting a 22”

Perry: ‘F*** the Diaz Brothers!’

But Perry still wasn’t finished.

The 28-year-old didn’t let Nick’s younger brother Nate Diaz, 35, off the hook.

Perry posted, “Fuck the Diaz brothers! East coast bitch!”

Perry’s last verbal slap was again aimed at Nick Diaz.

Perry seemed to want to ensure the MMA legend was certain Perry was being serious about the fight. Moreover, Perry wants the Diaz brothers to know he’s not just talking noise online.

Perry really wants to fight.

Perry posted, “I’m not your average internet shit talker @nickdiaz209, you can cut a check and I’ll show up if you really wanna do something about it. You won’t tho. . .”

Perry Was Busy Over Summer

Perry defeated Mickey Gall in his last fight on June 27 with his girlfriend famously in his corner as his trainer that night.

In July, Perry was arrested for striking an older man at a restaurant in Lubbock, Texas.

Perry was charged with Class A assault for the incident, a misdemeanor, and the fighter announced soon after that he was seeking treatment for substance abuse and other behavior issues.

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