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5 Best Golf Balls For Distance & Accuracy

best golf balls for distance


The quest for the perfect golf ball depends on many aspects of your swing, but whether you’re an intermediate golfer or a tour player, having the right golf ball is crucial to enhancing your game. Distance off the tee and control around the green is what every golfer is looking to attain and the equipment you own can enhance your strengths on the course. So we’ve compiled a list of the best golf balls for distance and accuracy available today based on pro and consumer reviews.

Keep in mind, the number one rated ball might not be the right one for you, but the fifth highest-rated ball may be molded perfectly for your golf game. So take a look below and see what golf ball is right for you.

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What are the Best Golf Balls for Distance & Accuracy?

callaway chrome soft Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fast ball speeds
  • Low compression, soft feel
  • 4-piece construction
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titleist pro v1 Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Excellent spin in short game
  • Extra distance
  • Best-selling ball
Price: $49.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
taylormade golf balls Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Choice of many PGA players
  • High trajectory
  • Excellent spin
Price: $69.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
bridgestone golf balls Amazon Customer Reviews
  • High ball speed
  • Durable cover
  • Dual Dimple technology
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srixon golf balls Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Excellent feel and control
  • Low price
  • Extra distance
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Callaway Chrome Soft

    • There’s a softer feel on contact and landing thanks to the Dual SoftFast Core
    • The low compression aids in control
    • Despite the soft feel, you don’t lose distance
    • It is expensive
    • The ball is geared towards players with slower swings, specifically
    • These are an older model

    When Callaway created the Chrome Soft, they were setting out to reinvent the art of golf ball making. The Chrome Soft is the only ball to date with the SoftFast Core giving it extremely low compression and the Tour Urethane Cover.

    The 4-piece construction features the Dual SoftFast Core, which helps reduce spin and create faster speeds for more distance of the tee. The Mantle Layer promotes extra spin when using your shorter irons and wedges. The HEX Aerodynamics gives less in-air and therefore extra yards.

    The ball caters to players that need the soft feel around the greens without the fear of losing distance. This ball is perfect for people with slower swing speeds and a need for control around the greens.


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  2. 2. Titleist PRO V1

    • The Next Generation 2.0 ZG Process Core helps give maximum distance
    • There’s a softer feel on contact and landing
    • The 352 tetrahedral dimple design provides consisten flight
    • Titleist balls have long lasting durability thanks to the soft Urethane Elastomer cover system
    • It is one of the priciest ball on the market
    • Probably not the best ball for beginners
    • Isn't designed to get the highest flight

    Titleist’s Pro V1 golf ball has been the highest rated and most preferred ball in golf for over a decade. The design of the ball aims to give any player more short game spin and control at the landing by creating a softer feel.

    When balls have a soft feel, it is easy to assume you lose distance, but the Pro V1 has a hard, penetrating trajectory to give the player extra distance on every shot. The Pro V1 is an expertly made with long-lasting durability and is one of the best golf balls for distance and accuracy available.



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  3. 3. TaylorMade TP5X Golf Balls

    • Designed to promote lots of spin, so they are great around the greens
    • Unique 5-layer ball -- a 3 layer core system with a dual-spin cover improves all-around shot consistency
    • The ball is designed to maximize performance with every club
    • Soft feel, but not as soft as the TP5 model
    • Probably best suited for the intermediate to very good player
    • On the pricey side

    The TP5X Golf Balls from TaylorMade are some of the most unique ones on the market today. This ball has a 5-layer construction including a Tri-Fast Core and a Dual-Spin Cover. So let’s break down those layers.

    The Tri-Fast Core is made of 3 layers and is designed to maximize energy transfer on impact to generate top speed on shots which helps get you extra yardage. The Dual-Spin Cover consists of a very soft cast urethane cover and a semi-rigid inner-cover. These work together with the club face grooves to provide maximum spin, which is necessary for iron shots and around the green.

    The TP5X golf balls, which feature 90 compression and are popular with many PGA Tour players, are constructed to give you high trajectory and extra distance all with a soft feel on impact.

    If you would like to compare them to another TaylorMade product, check out the TP5 Golf Balls, which are also 5-layer. 

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  4. 4. Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Golf Balls

    • Seamless Cover Technology promotes consistency in accuracy, distance, and launch
    • Dual Dimple Technology helps get you extra distance off the tee
    • The SlipRes cover is designed to give great feel on contact as well as better control and more spin
    • Some found the ball has too much spin on low iron and wedge shots
    • Probably not best suited for beginners
    • On the pricey side

    Bridgestone makes some of the more popular golf balls available and their Tour B XS line are some of their highest-rated. Featuring innovative technology, they are designed to help in all aspects of your shot, including accuracy and distance.

    The Gradual Compression core is forgiving and gets you extra distance as it is constructed to generate greater speed and less spin off the tee. The SlipRes urethane cover helps get you extra spin and control on those short iron and wedge shots near the green. 

    Designed for the above average player, the Bridgestone Tour B XS feature Dual Dimple Technology. This helps you get more distance as you’ll get less drag and better trajectory as the ball soars through the air. The Seamless Cover Technology has a balanced dimple pattern and promotes more consistency in all levels — accuracy, distance, and trajectory. These are some of the best golf balls for distance and accuracy available today.

    Fan of Bridgestone but want to see a different model? Take a look at the Bridgestone Golf Tour B RX Balls

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  5. 5. Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls

    • 324 Speed Dimple Pattern promotes better distance and control
    • The lower compression Energetic Gradient Growth Core gives off a soft feel and better launch
    • The Spin Skin coating helps with extra spin around the green
    • Some users felt they didn't get enough spin near the green
    • Some users felt they aren't as durable some other balls on the market
    • Probably not the best choice for better players

    Srixon makes some of the more underrated golf balls out there and their Z-Star model is one of them. Affordable at about $30 per dozen, the Z-Stars are highlighted by Srixon’s original technology and are designed to give you extra distance and control.

    First off, the 324 Speed Dimple Pattern helps you get better distance and control off the tee and the SpinSkin coating promotes more spin for better consistency on shots toward the green. Underneath the cover, the Energetic Gradient Growth Core is lower compression and gives off a great feel and response on impact and promotes better launch.

    Check out the Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Balls if you want a comparison from the same maker.

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