3-Time All-Star Recruited to Join Celtics

Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics

Getty Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics

Jaylen Brown has been struggling since injuring his ankle in the Boston Celtics March 1 game against the Atlanta Hawks.

The former All-Star missed the subsequent contest against the Memphis Grizzlies on March 3 and has looked a shadow of himself in the games that have since taken place. Against the Dallas Mavericks on March 13, Brown struggled from the field, shooting just 37.5% from the field and 28.6% from deep.

However, two thunderous dunks ensured that a poor performance was quickly consigned to memory, as Brown reminded everybody what he’s capable of. And when the highlight plays come, they quickly go viral, especially when it’s a poster dunk filled with athleticism and venom.

Moments like what Brown had in the second quarter against the Mavericks will undoubtedly get fans racing to their phones and computers to share their reaction. But players are fans too, and usually take the time to congratulate their peers on crazy moments such as dunks, crossovers, or nasty step-back threes. Donovan Mitchell is no different and quickly moved to praise his friend on Twitter.

Celtics Twitter Goes Into Recruiting Mode

Whenever a star player tweets at a player of another team, fans take that as a green light to get on the recruiting trail. Unfortunately for Mitchell, Celtics fans are unrelenting when they’re trying to entice a star to the team, and the Utah Jazz star felt the full force of Celtics Twitter.

A quick scroll through the comments section of Mitchell’s tweet will show you just how eager Celtics Twitter is to bring Mitchell to Boston so he can team up with his friends, Brown and Jayson Tatum.

“Not a single jazz fan in the replies, just Celtics fans recruiting. Really makes ya think Donovan,” @KingMacJones10 commented, as he tried to initiate mind games with the superstar guard.

“Just admit you want to come to the Celtics, you legit watch every game,” @CalebVano Tweeted.

“I know anytime Danny Ainge gets a chance he be chiming in ya ear about going to the Celtics,” @cuddymike_ wrote in the replies section.

“Has anyone ever wanted to be a Celtic more than Spida?” @BrandonGimpel questioned.

Acquiring Mitchell has long been a pipe dream for Celtics fans. The Jazz guard fits Boston’s timeline, is well known to be friends with Brown and Tatum – the team’s two core players, and seemingly catches as many Celtics games as he possibly can. So, you can forgive Celtics Twitter for taking every opportunity possible to try and convince him to bring his talents to the East Coast.

Signing Mitchell is an Unrealistic Dream

Unfortunately, the Celtics have little chance of striking a deal to acquire Mitchell. Especially if the deal doesn’t involve sending Brown or Tatum in the opposite direction – you don’t get stars for nothing. Furthermore, the Jazz are one of the better teams in the Western Conference, and unless they decide to hit the reset button, will have no interest in dealing away their franchise player.

However, Steve Bulpett recently discussed the notion of Boston trading for Mitchell, noting that should the Jazz fail to make a deep playoff push this season, the team may choose to start exploring rebuilding options.

“Yeah, I think you know when guys like Donovan Mitchell, they see other people moving at will almost. And if the Jazz hit a dead-end this season, then I think there will be talk about moving this piece moving that piece, and it won’t just be coming from players. You know, I think there’s going to be a certain sense upstairs that they’re going to do something else,” Bulpett told Heavy.com‘s, Sean Deveney.

The notion of trading for Mitchell might be unrealistic, and most fans know that, but that will never stop them from trying to recruit him, or any other star player that shows an interest in the Celtics. And who knows, one day in the future, Mitchell might be citing Celtics Twitter as one of the reasons he chose the team in free agency.

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