Carson Wentz Reacts after Doug Pederson ‘Hesitates’ on Eagles Starting QB

Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson

Getty Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz were both forced out of Philadelphia after a rough 2020 season for the Eagles.

At first, Doug Pederson seemed hesitant to declare Carson Wentz his starter during his media availability on Wednesday. It took a series of prodding, sometimes leading, questions to finally get him to say that “he’s my starter” for the Eagles-Seahawks battle on “Monday Night Football.” Reading between the lines, there may be enough hesitation to think a quarterback change is possible.

Pederson was answering a general question about how much he listens to the outside noise. Fans and media have been clamoring for Jalen Hurts to replace Wentz after 10 mostly lackluster starts. The Eagles coach went into great detail about how he ignores printed media and sports-talk radio in Philly. However, Pederson did admit that “tough decisions” have to be made, including moving on from players.

“Tough decisions have to be made in this business,” Pederson told reporters. “Whether it’s a tough decision to move on from a player in the offseason or the decision now whether you’re going to make a move at quarterback or not. These are all decisions that have to be made by me — and, for the most part, I focus on the players. I focus on getting better each day.”

Things got awkward when ESPN’s Tim McManus followed up by asking specifically about Wentz. Here is how the line of questioning went down:

McManus: You’re not making that move, right Doug? To a different quarterback?

Pederson: Not today, on Wednesday, no.

McManus: Possibly for Monday?

Pederson: Uhhhh, I’m focused right now on getting better today. I’m working, I mean, I don’t know … I would say no, no, no.

McManus: Carson is your starter for Monday?

Pederson: Yes.

Then, Associated Press reporter Rob Maaddi swooped in to give Pederson one last chance to unequivocally declare Wentz his starter moving forward. Which he did.

Pederson said: “I think about a lot of things. The question was is Carson my starter? He’s my starter. End of story. And you guys can blow it up however you want it, and that’s fine.”

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Wentz Responds to Pederson’s Comments

Wentz was asked about Pederson’s comments within minutes of them going viral and took the high road. The face of the franchise hasn’t had a conversation with his head coach regarding a quarterback change and doesn’t think he needs to. Wentz is preparing like he would any other week as he looks to get the Eagles back in the win column after back-to-back losses.

“We haven’t really had that conversation and, quite frankly, I’m preparing the same,” Wentz said. “I’m the same. I’m approaching the week and attacking the week and going to do everything I can do to be ready for Monday night.”

When pressed further if he’s definitely the starter on Monday night, Wentz said: “Yes, sir.”

Still, the outside noise — the stuff Wentz self-admittedly blocks out — has to get through the cracks sometimes, no? And upset him? The devoutly religious player, husband, father stays in his Bible and looks to a much bigger purpose.

“Honestly, I’m blessed to have an amazing wife and daughter at home that keeps me grounded, for starters,” Wentz told reporters on Wednesday. “And staying in the Bible, praying and trying to stay grounded on the much bigger picture than football. And obviously, this is a job and obviously a lot of people in this city, in this country, care a lot — and I approach it the same way.

“I care, sometimes too much, and you want to succeed so badly but, for me, it’s just that constant reminder of a much bigger picture, a much bigger purpose that God’s got his hands all over this. He’s already written the story — and, for me, I’m just trying to be obedient to where God has me and do everything I can to be the best player I can be, to be the best man I can be — the best husband, father, all those things, every single day.”

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