Chiefs Veteran Leader Lets Loose on ‘Bum’ Social Media Critic

Chiefs safety Justin Reid responds to fan critic on social media

Getty Kansas City Chiefs safety Justin Reid responded to a critic on social media ahead of Week 14.

Things are starting to get a little testy around Chiefs Kingdom. On the same day wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling appeared to be purposefully difficult with a reporter, veteran defensive team leader Justin Reid took to social media to silence a critic.

“First and foremost…You’re a bum,” Reid told Arrowhead Addict blogger and podcaster Adam Best on December 8 after the latter explained why the Chiefs “spent too much money on Justin Reid” on X.

Reid continued: “Second, social media tricks everyone into thinking they’re some kind of expert when you don’t have a damn clue what you’re talking about. Stay in you lane and watch the show.”

As the kids would say, Best got “ratioed” by Reid and the fanbase in this back and forth. The Chiefs safety’s response already has over 3,000 likes, while the original post only earned 161 likes compared to 125 replies as of December 9 at 8 a.m. CST.

Argument Against Chiefs’ Justin Reid Signing

To be fair, Best had a bit more to say initially. Here were his points on the Reid signing being a foolish one by Kansas City.

“The Chiefs spent too much money on Justin Reid,” he voiced on the morning of December 8. “Safety isn’t a premium position and you don’t want to spend up there unless it’s on a versatile star like the Honey Badger [Tyrann Mathieu], who could also play in the slot.”

“Weird that the Chiefs splurged there and penny-pinched corner and receiver,” Best added.

In a follow-up post, he noted that “Reid is smart and has leadership abilities, plus he hits hard and sets the tone, but he’s simply not that great of a player. By no means a standout. He’s not a liability either, but they could’ve spent that money much more wisely.”

Later, Best also backed up his argument with statistical analysis.

“Among safeties that have played 50% of snaps or more, Justin Reid is PFF’s 61st ranked safety,” he stated in a quoted post. “Have yet to see one piece of data anywhere that points to him being good [return on investment].”

Reid is currently playing out year two of a three-year contract that offered $31.5 million ($20.485 million guaranteed) according to Over the Cap. A pre-June 1 trade or cut in 2024 would save KC $10.75 million, as would a post-June 1 trade or cut.

The safety’s cap hit is $14.25 million in 2024. He turns 27 in February and has put together a solid season with 12 starts, 68 total tackles (two for a loss), one interception, one forced fumble, 1.0 sack, three QB hits and six pass defenses.

KC Blogger Offers Justin Reid a Piece of Advice

Although Best never actually replied to Reid, specifically, he did offer a general piece of advice that appeared to be directed at the safety and Valdes-Scantling — as well as any players “lashing out” at individuals commenting on or covering the team.

“Chiefs players lashing out at fans and people who cover the team again is not a smart use of energy,” the FanSided writer concluded on his timeline after midnight. “Historically a bad omen for KC. If you’re one of the highest paid players on the roster, sorry but accepting criticism is part of the gig. Log off. Touch grass. Focus on football.”

In a reply, Best confirmed that he was talking about both MVS and Reid. “They can’t expect everyone to be cheerleaders,” he rationalized. “Not how this works.”

Chiefs Safety Justin Reid Gets Overwhelmingly Positive Response After ‘Bum’ Comments

Opinions will differ on any social media debate, but this one had an overwhelmingly positive reaction in favor of Reid.

“Burn him to the ground REID!!” One response read. Another said: “BUM was my first thoughts when I read his tweet too😭 Chiefs fans are something else.”

“Idc what anyone says. Justin is EARNING that money,” a third expressed. “Man is playing like an all-pro, like what?”

Finally, one user argued: “The Justin Reid disrespect has been crazy, everyone be like ‘ShOw Me OnE GoOd ReId PlAy’ like have you watched a game this szn? Dude isn’t afraid to crush some body and plays hard… everyone lets up a play here and there but Reid seems to get the most heat for it.”

There were a few quote posts on the side of Best. For example, a response pointed out that “the fact the player commented on this means it hits too close to home for his own comfort. But Justin knows this. Everyone knows this.”

Another replied: “You got cooked by Jordan Love & Aidan O’Connell cut it out!!”

Lastly, one final comment believed players “gotta be better [and] take the high road.” Adding: “These players are listening to too much noise. Just go to WORK.”
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