Team Mahomes Embarrassed by Team Brady in Pre-Match ‘Challenge’ [WATCH]

Patrick Mahomes

Getty Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes on January 30, 2022.

As you probably already know, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be one of four NFL stars competing in the summer 2022 rendition of “Capital One’s The Match” — a doubles head-to-head golf charity outing.

Paired with Josh Allen, team Mahomes represents the future of the quarterback position while their opponents represent the past. Of course, we’re talking about two all-time greats in Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

With “The Match” approaching on June 1, the four superstars competed in a pre-match chipping challenge and it didn’t go very well for the young guns.

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Mahomes & Allen Get Blown out in ‘Chip-in Challenge’

Tom Brady Jabs Rodgers and Mahomes Over Traded ReceiversThe QBs had to bring a receiver for this chip challenge and Tom Brady came out hot Capital One’s The Match is June 1 on TNT Subscribe: Follow on IG: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook:

Brought to us by Bleacher Report was the “chip-in challenge,” or at least that’s what Allen called it. The basic concept was simple: Each team gets 60 seconds to rack up as many chipped golf balls as possible into a circular receiver window in a life-size player cutout, similar to a passing drill.

Before the challenge began, Brady got a few licks in on both his teammate and his competition.

“I got my boy Mike [Evans] ready to catch,” Brady began, referencing a life-size cutout of his number one wide receiver who’d be “catching” his golf balls. He continued: “I don’t even know, who caught Aaron’s? Davante [Adams] left him and Tyreek [Hill] left you, Patrick. Josh, don’t worry, someone’s gonna leave you too. My boy Mike never left me I’ll tell you that.”

“They’ll give us a little bit of a run for our money,” a more humble Mahomes responded, “but these young guns are coming out firing so y’all better bring y’all’s A-game.”

Brady and Rodgers went first, and their technique and experience were on full display. In total, the veterans netted seven completed chips, and four came off the club of Rodgers.

“That won’t be beat, that won’t be beat,” a confident Rodgers guaranteed after his final chip.

Unfortunately, he was right. Mahomes and Allen followed them up with a score of two completed chips — combined. Each AFC quarterback netted one in an embarrassing defeat.

To add a little insult to injury, Rodgers asked the camera: “Why are they even in this? This is supposed to be competitive?”

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Saving It for ‘The Match’

For the sake of pride, let’s hope Mahomes and Allen perform a little better on June 1. Brady and Rodgers have a good number of years on them and that means a lot more offseason golfing.

It showed during this early challenge and Brady followed that performance up with a viral hole-in-one video earlier today on May 25.

“This is why you film every shot on the course,” Brady joked as a drone picked up his perfectly-lofted drive.

Mahomes replied: “Not going to lie pretty impressive… too bad you wasted it a week early…” He had the same sentiment during the Bleacher Report challenge, noting that “you gotta save some shots for The Match” on June 1.

Allen’s response was a little stronger, with a GIF of Adam Sandler voicing: “Ba-Ba-Ba BULLS***.”

Of course, the pre-match hype is all in good fun and it’s for a good cause. Back on April 18, Sports Illustrated reported that “The Match has raised nearly $33 million for various organizations and has donated nearly $17 million meals to Feeding America.”

That total should rise after June 1, 2022.


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