Raiders Hold First Ever Practice at Allegiant Stadium [LOOK]

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Getty Las Vegas Raiders' Allegiant Stadium.

It’s going to take a little longer than anticipated to get the Las Vegas Raiders in Allegiant Stadium to play a game but that’s not going to stop the team from practicing in it. Friday marked the first time the team has entered the new stadium together as they decided to hold the first practice there ever. The Raiders decided to dress in full uniform for the practice.

Despite a number of issues along the way, the construction group was able to pull it off and the stadium looks ready for games right now.

Though this is a celebratory moment for the Raiders franchise, players still had to put in the work on Friday and did just that. Second-year cornerback Isaiah Johnson was able to catch the first interception ever in Allegiant Stadium. He did on a Derek Carr pass to Henry Ruggs.

It wasn’t the best look for Ruggs who should’ve caught the pass but it’s promising to see Johnson with the tight coverage. He’s got a lot of potential.

The Raiders probably won’t practice at Allegiant Stadium a lot but this is a huge milestone for the franchise.

Welcome to the Death Star

There’s perhaps nobody happier about Allegiant Stadium than owner Mark Davis. He addressed the team before practice and sent them an epic message:

Greetings. Welcome to the Death Star, where our opponent’s dreams come to die. My father said that the greatness of the Raiders is in its future. Well today that future really starts. This magnificent stadium was built on the backs of thousands of players, coaches, administrators, and face, who for the past 60 years have proudly worn the Silver and Black. This is our field of dreams. This is our house. The stadium’s personality will be defined by you, so take pride every time you step on this field wearing those famed black jerseys and silver helmets. You are the Raiders. There will be many personal accomplishments out here on this field. Someone on this field today will make the first tackle; somebody will score the first touchdown, and somebody will make the first interception, but most importantly it is what we do as a team. So, I will leave you with three words, “Just Winn Baby.” Welcome home.

Many fans have taken to calling the stadium the “Death Star” due to the menacing nature of the structure. It appears that Davis has taken a liking to the nickname.

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Raiders Season Tickets Come in Epic Package

To the disappointment of many, the Raiders won’t be able to host fans during the inaugural season in Las Vegas. Every game sold out almost immediately and so did all of the season tickets so it’s a really big blow to the team and fans. Even though season ticket holders won’t be able to go to games, the Raiders still hooked them up with a really sweet package.

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Fans may not be able to attend games in Las Vegas but the NFL gave the Raiders several primetime games this season. There will be plenty of chances to see all that Allegiant Stadium has to offer. Hopefully, fans will be able to attend next season.

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