Davante Adams Has Strong Response to Derek Carr Getting Benched

davante adams derek carr

Getty Davante Adams with Derek Carr.

The most obvious implication following the Las Vegas Raiders‘ decision to bench Derek Carr is that they’ll likely be looking for a new starting quarterback next season. However, there are many more factors in play now that he’s been sent away from the team. The biggest being star wide receiver Davante Adams.

Though he grew up a Raiders fan, the reason he wanted to come to Las Vegas was due to Carr. He even said that uncertainty around Aaron Rodgers’ future was why he wanted to leave the Green Bay Packers. Had he known he’d get to play with Carr for one season, there’s no way he ends up with the Raiders. He essentially said as much when he finally had a chance to discuss the news.

“Obviously, I don’t think anybody was excited about it in here,” Adams said Wednesday. “Him being one of my really good friends, the reason that I came here in the first place. I mean, I wouldn’t even be here right now if he wasn’t here. I think everybody knows how I feel about him and with that said, there’s a process of how things go and I’m not gonna sit here and go on and on. Obviously, I support my guy … we got to finish out this season the best way we can possible, with all things considered at this point.”

Will Adams Force His Way Out?

Based on Adams’ mood and comments, he doesn’t appear to be thrilled with Carr getting benched. They’re close friends so he obviously feels bad but he also knows that Jarrett Stidham isn’t likely to turn the offense around. While it’s easy to understand the Raiders’ decision to make a quarterback change, it could have serious negative ramifications.

Adams has been one of the best players on the team and is still a top-five wide receiver in the NFL. He’s under contract for four seasons after this one but he’s not above requesting a trade. The Raiders aren’t going to keep him around if he doesn’t want to be there. There’s a lot that needs to happen in the coming months but it’s entirely possible that Adams will only spend one year in Las Vegas. That would be a wildly disappointing development for a fan base that was so excited when he first joined the team.

How Raiders Can Convince Adams to Stick Around

At the end of the day, Adams is stuck with the Raiders if they want him to be. He’s under contract and doesn’t have any leverage. He’s also not likely to hold out during his few remaining prime years. Adams is a professional and will stick it out if he has to but the Raiders don’t want their best player to be unhappy.

Carr may be on his way out but that doesn’t mean the team can’t find an adequate replacement. If Tom Brady is brought in, it’s hard to see Adams being too upset about that. Many players would relish the opportunity to play with the greatest quarterback of all time. Now, if they bring in a lackluster option like Baker Mayfield or Mac Jones, then Adams might be frustrated enough to ask out. This is a pivotal offseason for the Raiders and they have to play things carefully or the entire ship could go down.

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