Analyst Blasts ‘Pathetic’ LeBron James & Lakers Over Playoff Performance

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Getty LeBron James & Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Due to the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers have been good for most of their history and LeBron James is a very polarizing player, there’s a lot of hate for the team right now. Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless is probably the most notorious LeBron hater in all of media and has had some pretty insane takes on the superstar. The Lakers pulled off a dominant win over the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday night and LeBron had his most impressive game since entering the bubble.

Regardless of that fact, Bayless still figured out a way to rip the team.

“Last night was a tour de force, I mean sorry, a tour de FARCE! I have never seen such pathetic, front-running, chest-beating, credit-taking against such a sorry team as I saw from LeBron James and the Lakers last night. I was embarrassed for them as much as I was embarrassed for the Portland Trail Blazers,” said Bayless on Undisputed.

Based on Monday’s performance, there’s absolutely no reason the Lakers should be embarrassed. They played as perfect a playoff game as possible given the circumstances. Bayless really seems to be reaching with this take.

Bayless Believes Lakers Should’ve Had an Easy Sweep

Though Bayless decided to rip the Lakers, he did point out that he always believed they would easily win the series.

“When all those experts, the Barkley’s and the Greg Anthony’s were saying Portland is going to win the series, what did I tell you? This should be an easy sweep,” Bayless said. “I told you cakewalk, I told you mismatch. I told you this will be the equivalent of a Disney World amusement park theme ride for the Lakers.”

It appears Bayless is hung up on the fact that the Lakers didn’t sweep the Blazers. Yes, Los Angeles had a really bad Game 1 but they have looked dominant in the last three games. The games haven’t even looked close down the stretch. It would be patently absurd to suggest the Lakers haven’t looked great in this series since the first game.

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Shannon Sharpe Praises Lakers

It wasn’t all Lakers hate on Undisputed as Shannon Sharpe had some very high praise for the team.

“Sooner or later the Lakers were going to have their turn at making 3s,” Sharpe said. “Last night LeBron had a virtuoso, and I’m not surprised because I’ve seen this the last 17 years.”

The reason the Lakers were struggling so much at the start of the bubble was because they weren’t hitting 3s. Ever since Game 1 against the Blazers, they’ve been getting better and better at hitting deep shots. If this team can hit 3s on a consistent basis, they’ve got a real shot at winning the title. They play excellent defense and can score down low. When the 3s are falling, this team doesn’t really appear to have many weaknesses.

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