Cuffs The Legend Addresses Old Tweets Ripping Kobe Bryant

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Last year shortly after former Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash, Cuffs The Legend was the subject of ridicule after some of his old tweets resurfaced.

A close friend of LeBron James, as well as James’ agent, Rich Paul, and business partner, Maverick Carter, Cuffs The Legend is a basketball trainer based in North Carolina.

He’s also very popular on both Twitter and Instagram. In a few old tweets, Cuffs The Legend said insensitive and strong things about The Black Mamba.

This included calling Bryant a “b****” and saying that he hated the ex-Lakers star.

Bryant died in a helicopter crash that took the lives of nine people, including Bryant’s daughter, Gigi on Sunday, January 26, 2020.

Cuffs The Legend Addresses Tweets About Kobe Bryant

Appearing on the Scoop B Radio Podcast, Cuffs The Legend was asked if he regrets what he tweeted, and the result was an honest answer.

“Man, the whole crazy thing about that is and [I] appreciate you asking me this is it’s one of those things man when I didn’t know if I was drunk or if I was just wildin’ out one night way back in the day and tweeted some stuff,” Cuffs The Legend told me on the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

“That whole crazy part about it is when it became a thing for a couple days or a week – the reason why I know it was out of my mind as far as being intoxicated or something, when I did it… when I saw the tweet, I was like I don’t remember that. Like you know how if you see an old tweet of yours or somebody that retweeted, they show a favorite tweet from last year and when I saw that shit man, I was like, “Is this photo shopped?” I mean, I had to sit there for a lot of minutes and look and say to myself, “That doesn’t even sound like me.”

Cuffs The Legend Says Comments Didn’t ‘Sound Like’ Him

For his part via social media, Cuffs The Legend spoke his piece.

“I know I say crazy stuff but, THAT doesn’t even sound like me…,” he told Scoop B Radio.

“The part that’s so crazy about social media man, that just shows how many people really hate you as far as people that really don’t want to see me live, but they’re really my fans though, to be honest with you because they follow my every word. So they’re really my fans. So it’s people that really want to see me do bad in some type of way and have a blemish on my credibility or whatever, so I think they’ll try to use that situation.” he stated.

“Like I said, if I could take it back, of course I would man. Like I said, I was outta mind that night and said some sh** that I didn’t mean and the part I want to say right now, now that we’re clearing the air on it in the following year and if you go back and read my tweet, in the following years leading up to Kobe’s untimely death, I was giving Kobe his flowers bro and I was relating to his basketball player development, his bond with his daughter that was playing basketball and so I was really starting to respect Kobe as a player, as a dad, and as a coach. I really liked how Kobe was giving everybody his feedback. He was very open. He was going to Oregon and going to different schools and speaking to players and giving back to the game. I really started to admire Kobe right before he passed away man.”

Cuffs The Legend concluded by offering an apology for his comments on Bryant.

“So like I said, I do apologize and I know it’s a lot of people that try to troll me and they try to use that as ammo against me I guess. I just let that roll off my back, but at the same time I know that and I do apologize.” Cuffs The Legend said.

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