Zach Edey’s Parents Lean on Diverse Roots Including Chinese Heritage

Julia Edey

Getty Zach Edey's mom, Julia Edey, is a staple at Purdue games.

Zach Edey’s parents, Julia and Glen Edey, are part of a family providing one of the feel-good stories in college basketball during March Madness. Zach was born in Canada and embraces a multi-racial ethnic identity.

The star’s mom Julia is Chinese, while Zach’s dad Glen is white, per The Ringer’s Mirin Fader. Unfortunately, Zach has faced bullying for both his heritage and height dating back to an early age.

Zach’s height measured at just over 7-foot-3 (without shoes) and 306 pounds at the 2023 NBA combine. The Purdue center has been candid about all he has overcome given his unique path to stardom.

“Even just being Chinese in basketball. Being a tall Chinese person. You almost feel like you versus the world a little bit,” Zach explained in a March 15, 2023 feature interview with Fader.

“… You can probably count on your fingers how many Asian people there are in our conference, so that’s something I take a lot of pride in. I’m proud that I can represent our culture.”

Julia Edey to Zach Edey After Making the Final Four: ‘Now, Go Kick Some More Butt’

Julia has become one of the faces of March Madness given her unwavering support for Purdue. Zach’s mom can be seen dancing in the crowd or embracing the Boilermakers big man after another NCAA tournament win. Heading into the Final Four, Julia was part of a heartwarming TNT feature where she recorded a message to be played for Zach.

“I know this is the beginning and that this is where your story has started,” Julia said during the April 6 feature. “Now, go kick some more butt. Have fun. Do what you do. And know that I am always with you and I’m a hell of a lucky mom to have a kid like you.

“Enjoy and savor every second. You really were built for this and worked so hard to get it. Now, go get it, sweetie. I will be cheering, as always. Love you.”

Zach Edey on Mother Julia: ‘She’s a Great Mom’

Zach responded with a giant smile when the recording was played. Julia moved to Indiana to help support Zach during the college basketball season.

“She’s a great mom,” Zach responded after hearing his mother’s message ahead of the Final Four. “The things she’s done for me. It’s essential for me to kind of have had the success I’ve had.

“Being in the Final Four with her. Being able to share that with her after everything we’ve been through. I know she’s going to love it, and it’s going to be something that I treasure forever.”

Zach Edey’s Mom Drops 1-Word Message Ahead of National Championship

Zach’s mom endured a lot growing up in Toronto as the daughter of Chinese immigrants. Julia has been candid about the bullying she experienced as a young person in Canada.

“Being Chinese, growing up in Toronto, it wasn’t as multicultural as it is now,” Julia told The Ringer. “We used to get chased going home.”

These are happier times as her son is one game way from being a national champion, just a season removed from Purdue being upset by No. 16 seeded Fairleigh Dickinson. Hours before tip-off of the Purdue-UConn national title matchup, Julia shared a one-word message on X.

“BELIEVE,” Julia said in the all-caps message on April 8.