Just How Rich Is Denny Hamlin?

Denny Hamlin has 51 NASCAR Cup wins andn counting.

Getty Images Denny Hamlin has 51 NASCAR Cup wins andn counting.

Denny Hamlin has amassed 51 NASCAR Cup wins, including three Dayton 500 victories. Hamlin, who drives the No. 11 Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing, is also co-owner of 23XI Racing with Michael Jordan, the richest athlete in history.

Is Denny Hamlin close to Jordan money?

No. But Hamlin has amassed quite a fortune during his 18+ years in NASCAR, and is one of the wealthiest drivers in the series. In a few years time, he may very well be ranked alongside Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., the two richest drivers in NASCAR history.


On the list of the Top 50 highest-earning athletes of all time, it’s no surprise that Michael Jordan, co-owner with Hamlin of 23XI Racing, tops the list — at $2.7 billion. The highest-earning racer is F1’s Michael Schumacher, at $1.36 billion. The only NASCAR drivers on the top 50 list are Jeff Gordon, at $710 million, and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., at $645 million. The Sportico list adjusts earnings to current dollars, though does not take into account Earnhardt’s latest media deals.

Denny Hamlin is a unique figure in NASCAR. He is listed as one of NASCAR’s Greatest Drivers, while still driving. Plus, while he races for Joe Gibbs Racing he simultaneously co-owns a team, 23XI Racing, that runs two other drivers, Bubba Wallace and Tyler Reddick. Hamlin is a minority owner, but running a team in NASCAR is not cheap. In 2021, 23XI paid $13.5 million for the charter that previously belonged to  StarCom Racing. In 2020, the team shelled out $4 million for the Germain Racing charter.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Denny Hamlin’s net worth at $65 million. This includes earnings from races and money from his sponsorships, including his multi-decade partnership with FedEx, and with Coca-Cola and Nike Jordan. Plus, the gains he’s likely amassed from the increased value in NASCAR charters. 23XL holds two NASCAR charters.

Owner, Driver, Podcaster, Gambler

Denny Hamlin reportedly earns $13 million a year driving for Joe Gibbs Racing. His race earnings are estimated at well over $43 million. NASCAR no longer lists the total prize for race winners. The Daytona 500, however, has the biggest purse–and Hamlin has won that three times. Estimated first-place prize for the Daytona is over $1.5 million, and likely much more than that.

As a minority co-owner of 23XI, Hamlin can benefit from the increasing popularity — and new television money — that NASCAR and its charter members receive. He can additionally build new revenue streams that enable him to leverage both his ownership and his role as a driver to extend his value across merchandising, media, and sponsorships. Hamlin is no doubt in this for the long-haul. 23XL Racing employs over 80 people. The company recently completed its own racing facility and office space, in North Carolina. Branded Airspeed, it cost $16 million.

Financial details weren’t made public, but in 2023, Hamlin inked a podcasting and media deal with Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s Dirty Mo Media.

If that’s not enough, Hamlin won a $300,000 blackjack tournament just two days before last week’s Pennzoil 400 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Of course, anyone who watched the Netflix series, NASCAR: Full Speed, knows that Hamlin owns quite the mansion. Located in Lake Norman, North Carolina, Hamlin’s 30,000 square-foot estate includes a theater, bowling alley, basketball court, pool, room for his racing simulator, room for his No. 11 Toyota, and a glass elevator. According to FOX Business, the Hamlin home is worth nearly $10 million.

It’s not all about amassing money. The Denny Hamlin Foundation has raised over $2.5 million to help treat cystic fibrosis.