Hailie Deegan Admits How ‘Hurt’ & ‘Mad’ She Was After Riley Herbst Incident

Hailie Deegan before qualifying at Daytona.

Getty Hailie Deegan before Daytona qualifying.

Hailie Deegan appeared on the May 8 episode of “NASCAR Race Hub” to promote her upcoming throwback scheme at Darlington, which is honoring Dale Earnhardt and his No. 15 Wrangler Ford.

During the appearance, the Xfinity Series rookie examined the first 10 races of the season, including her career-best finish of 12th in the April 20 Talladega race. 

Despite that result, the 22-year-old driver was not pleased moments after taking the checkered flag because she and her team believed she could have done better but didn’t receive the necessary help from fellow Ford driver Riley Herbst on the final lap in double overtime. 

“There was a caution with two laps to go,” Deegan said on the show. “And then with everyone running out of fuel, we were to the good on fuel and so we ended up staying out. And it just was all working out as planned, was right there. 

“And I just kind of got left out a little bit. Didn’t get much help, which is understandable when it’s the last two laps at Talladega. So, it was definitely a hurtful one just cause you know, like, yeah, it’s my best finish is 12th this year. We’ve had some rough points in the season, but I think that was the most mad I’ve ever been after a race.”

Hailie Deegan Was Cursing Mad at Talladega

Hailie Deegan admitting on “Race Hub” that she was mad doesn’t come as a surprise to her fans that were listening to the No. 15 team radio at Talladega. The driver made it perfectly clear what she thought about the result and what had happened in those final laps.

“I don’t know why the 98 (Herbst) did that at all. That was a really bad move,” Deegan’s spotter told her over the radio. “Good job all day. We capitalized like we needed to.”

“10-4,” she replied, before pausing. “(Expletive),” the driver said, voicing her frustration.

“He wasn’t ever going to stay with us,” the spotter assured her. “That’s his MO. P12. Good job all day.”

“Are you (expletive) kidding me? 12th?” Deegan said surprised. Moments later, she addressed Herbst’s move. “I can’t believe the 98 did that.”

“I can,” another team member interjected. “He does it every time. It don’t matter who it is. He does it to everybody. Every time he will not help anybody out. He’s all about himself.”

Hailie Deegan Had Rollercoaster Start to 2024 Season 

Deegan admitted on “The Hub” to having some “rough points in the season.” The first one came at the season-opening race in Daytona, where she didn’t make it through the first stage before being involved in an accident. She finished 37th.

After a 27th at Atlanta and an encouraging 15th at Las Vegas, the rookie had another rough outing at Phoenix, finishing 33rd. Since that DNF in the desert, Deegan has scored two finishes each in the teens, 20s, and 30s. 

But anyone who is paying attention knows that the up-and-down results this season in the No. 15 car aren’t surprising.  She’s a rookie and going to some tracks for the first time. It’s still a learning experience for her and her team, which is in its second season in the Xfinity Series.

There will likely be more frustration. And more than likely, she’ll set a new high mark for being angry. It’s all part of the growing process and everyone who has ever achieved anything in motorsports or anything else in life has experienced the same thing.