Massive Update Brings 2022 Season to ‘NASCAR 21: Ignition’

Getty The 'NASCAR 21: Ignition' update brings Next Gen to consoles.

When Motorsport Games launched “NASCAR 21: Ignition” in October 2021, the company focused on the 2021 schedule and the last year of the Gen 6 cars. Now, however, a massive update will soon be available that brings the 2022 season to video game consoles.

According to a press release, the 2022 season update will become available for download on October 6. Those that own the game on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Series S, Series X, and PC will all have access to the new content for free. Additionally, “NASCAR 21: Ignition” will be available to new players at a reduced price of $19.99 USD, and it will include the season update.

This update includes the cars, the drivers, paint schemes, and the tracks from the 2022 Cup Series season. This provides the opportunity to relive a season that has featured a record-setting 19 different winners in the first 29 races.

“The 2022 NASCAR season has truly been historic with the addition of the Next Gen cars and exciting rookie drivers taking the grid by storm, so it was imperative for us to be able to replicate it within a game for our fans,” said Jay Pennell, Brand Manager, NASCAR, at Motorsport Games. “We understand that players may be disappointed by the lack of a fully new standalone title this year, but we want to ensure that our mistakes from the previous release are not repeated.

“To that end, this season update serves as a bridge to our next official NASCAR title, which Motorsport Games is already hard at work developing to include many of the additions and gameplay updates our fans have requested over the past year. The 2022 Season Update is a proper reflection of the current NASCAR landscape and we look forward to continuing our work to provide the best possible experience for our players in the future.”

The Update Brings About Other Changes

NASCAR 21: Ignition

Motorsport GamesBill Elliott (left) races Chase Elliott (right) in NASCAR 21: Ignition

The addition of new cars, schemes, tracks, and drivers is not the only significant change to the NASCAR game. There will also be some “under-the-hood” updates that address a variety of comments from players.

This list includes “refreshed user interface elements” that affect navigating menus and settings and “an upgraded HUD” with new tire wear and fuel indicators to closely monitor the real-time status of the car’s condition while racing.

Motor Racing Network’s Alex Hayden also spent some time in the booth preparing for the massive update. He recorded new broadcast introductions to add some extra flair to all of the new content.

These updates to “NASCAR 21: Ignition” will not exist in the career mode. They will move over to Race Now and Online Multiplayer. The updated cars and scheme elements will also be available in the Paint Booth.

The Update Also Heads to Other Motorsport Games Properties

“NASCAR 21: Ignition” is the main destination for the massive update. However, it will not be the only Motorsport Games property that receives the 2022 tracks, drivers, and cars.

The 2022 content will also become available for owners of “NASCAR Heat 5” and “NASCAR Heat Mobile.” Though there is one noticeable change. The content will be available for purchase in both of these games instead of arriving as a free update.

Motorsport Games has a NASCAR title on the Nintendo Switch, “NASCAR Heat: Ultimate Edition+” but the company did not mention this game in the 2022 season update press release.

One potential reason is that there will be a brand-new Switch game that focuses on the 2022 season, the drivers, and the on-track conflicts. “NASCAR Rivals” will become available on October 14, the week after the 2022 season update hits the other platforms, and it will put Next Gen cars in a portable format.

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