So You Want to Work in NASCAR

Michael Jordan is co-owner of NASCAR team 23XI

Getty Images Michael Jordan is co-owner of NASCAR team 23XI

NASCAR Full Speed brought NASCAR fans closer to the action. The Netflix docuseries gave fans a rare, intimate look at life inside the sport. And not just of the drivers, their wives and girlfriends — but also the mechanics, pit crew, and crew chiefs.

No doubt many fans, especially newer and younger fans, may be inspired to drive for NASCAR. Or, more realistically, work for NASCAR. Do you want to work in NASCAR? This Joe Gibbs Racing video is a good overview of some of the many on-the-track jobs at NASCAR. There’s spotter, crew chief, mechanics, race engineer, even a tire specialist.

Not mentioned, of course, are the many support positions, designers, media positions, event staff, and more. Anyone can apply to work for NASCAR or one of the teams.

Getting a Job with NASCAR

For many NASCAR fans, watching the Cup Series races on Sunday or the Xfinity races on Saturday, is not enough. Many want to drive, though that’s a tough proposition. Talent, timing, sponsors — and just plain getting noticed by the right people — are required. As this NASCAR-produced Drive for Diversity video reveals, more than talent is needed to become a NASCAR driver.

But what about the other jobs in NASCAR?

NASCAR posts all current job openings online. There are 131 official NASCAR openings, at the time of this writing. These span consumer marketing, simulation engineer, security, event staff, and more. Event staff jobs are often located at the various tracks NASCAR runs, at Watkins Glen or the Darlington Speedway, for example. For others, the jobs are typically based at NASCAR’s corporate office in Daytona Beach, FL, or in Charlotte, NC.

Prospective candidates can quickly set up an account and be alerted to appropriate job openings.

Note that NASCAR prominently touts three core attributes — and these are applicable to every single job opening.

  1. An appreciation and awareness of NASCAR history.
  2. A commitment to continuous innovation: “NASCAR did not gain the success or popularity it has today overnight. The sport has evolved to entertain its fans and continuously prosper.”
  3. Passion: As NASCAR states more than once, its employees are a “community of passionate individuals who care about the sport.”

Working for a NASCAR Team

If you can’t get a job working for NASCAR, there are still plenty of opportunities to work for one of the many NASCAR teams. Just like working for NASCAR, passion and commitment are necessary. As Hendrick Motorsports notes, “we are committed to embracing innovation with intensity to perform at the highest level expected by our dedicated sponsors and fans worldwide. Hendrick Motorsports continuously seeks skilled and talented individuals who are motivated and passionate about helping us meet our goals.”

To apply for a job or internship at Hendrick’s, you will need to upload a resume and complete their online application.

Joe Gibbs Racing has a few job openings and it’s a simple process. Just email them your resume. Team Penske, on the other hand, is involved in NASCAR, Indy, and other racing circuits, and has job openings all around the world. Penske currently have at least 20 race-related job openings in the United States. They also have several positions available in Germany.

If you watched Netflix’s NASCAR Full Speed, the Michael Jordan-backed 23XI team was featured prominently. The North Carolina-based team is currently recruiting for a senior engineer.

Good luck! And be mindful of the expectations. Life on the road is an expectation, even for what many consider traditional ‘office’ jobs. For example, Stewart Haas is currently seeking a graphic designer. But as the company  notes, “travel to race events and / or extended hours may be required at times.” Dream jobs can be demanding.

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