Stephen Curry Shares Frustration After Brutal Warriors Loss

Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors

Getty Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors looks down at the floor.

The Golden State Warriors lost a frustrating one to the Brooklyn Nets on January 22. Golden State saw a 17-point lead evaporate as the Nets fought back to earn the 120-116 victory. The loss pushes the Dubs below .500 for the season with a record of 23-24. That record has them sitting at 10th place in the Western Conference.

Following the squandered opportunity to close out the win, Warriors star Stephen Curry discussed the team’s frustrating season.

“Losing sucks, no matter what the reason is,” he said via NBC Sports Bay Area. “Losing is a terrible feeling and we hate it. Being 23-24 past the halfway mark of the season, we’ve experienced a lot of it. So, we need to bottle it up and do something about it. I feel like nobody’s letting go of the rope, nobody’s thinking that we can’t do it. Again, that’s our challenge, to not be in the situation where every other night we’re explaining why we didn’t get the job done.”

The 2022 NBA Finals MVP doesn’t feel his team has any sort of lack of urgency. He shared his thoughts on the Warriors’ motivation and urgency.

“It’s high, we’re talking about it, we’re saying all the right things in the locker room,” Curry explained via NBC Sports Bay Area. “Our prep for the games and all that seems like we’re locked in. We understand that the moment is now to go on a run. But, we keep hitting these speed bumps and not taking advantage of how our guys played in Cleveland and moments like that where you feel like alright this is our time to turn it up and you know we’re right back in this position where you’re struggling to find any type of winning execution down the stretch over the course of just putting together 48 minutes. The sense of urgency is high we just need to go do it.”

Draymond Green Speaks On Warriors Struggles

Curry isn’t the only core member of the Warriors to speak on the team’s struggles. His teammate Draymond Green took a large part of the blame for Golden State’s mediocre season, on the January 19 Episode of the “Draymond Green Show.”

“Our struggles this hear have not been because we aren’t flipping the switch,” Green told Jamal Crawford, who had joined the show. “I think a lot of our shortcomings this year is my fault… because I have not been the leader that I am and that I need to be for this team. And the reason that I have not been that leader has also been my fault. I think we all know what happened with your young (Michigan) Wolverine brother, JP (Jordan Poole). So for me, I’ve kind of had to walk a fine line of not really being Draymond, and when I’m not really being myself, that’s not the best thing for this team. So, where we’ve struggled is accountability. Accountability on the defensive end, accountability on the v end. You know the accountability that it takes to have a winning team. That’s my role on this team and I’ve fell short in that area. That’s something that I have to be better at, that I have to get back to. But, when I look at our struggles… it’s because guys haven’t been, I being the No. 1 culprit, who they need to be fulfilling their roles on this team.”

Warriors Could Be Buyers At Trade Deadline: Report

One way that Golden State could spark a turnaround is by adding some more talent before the February 9 NBA Trade Deadline.

In a January 21 article Fox Sports’ Rich Bucher reported that the Warriors were amongst teams who are looking to buy at the deadline.

“A sampling of GMs, scouts and front-office executives identified the Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks as interested buyers on the trade market, looking to add a proven player — or two — to complement their star-studded core and improve their championship title chances in June,” he wrote.

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