Lakers Star LeBron James Posts Cryptic Message

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Getty Los Angeles Lakers guard LeBron James.

Over the years, LeBron James has become a big fan of cryptic social media activity. The Los Angeles Lakers star likes to say stuff that might not make sense to the public but probably makes sense to those around him. He’s at it once again as he posted a vague message about his circle of friends.

This tweet could reference a lot of things. LeBron is involved with so many different projects, it’s hard to know exactly what happened. It sounds like he might have had some sort of falling out with someone close to him. Hopefully, it’s not one of his Lakers teammates as they are in the midst of a strong playoffs run.

Former Teammate Heated LeBron Lost MVP Award

LeBron is probably a little on edge due to the fact that he came in second place in NBA MVP voting. He’s already admitted to being “pissed” about it. It’s a hard pill to swallow considering the fact that the winner of the award got bounced in the second round of the playoffs. However, the MVP is a regular-season award, not a playoff one. Giannis Antetokounmpo’s team had a better season and he put up better numbers. It was always going to be hard to win the award over him.

Regardless, former LeBron teammate on the Cavaliers Damon Jones was very angry he didn’t win the MVP. He wrote on Twitter:

After seeing the Final numbers of the MVP voting I’m NAUSEOUS!!! 16 1st place votes for @KingJames out of 101 voters!!! We need to figure out a better system here. This is down right disrespectful! We need more transparency in this process.

And I know I will get all the @KingJames is ur guy and all that bs from some but there is no way the margin in 1st place votes was that lop sided! Giannis was a clear cut MVP last season but not this year!!

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Frank Vogel ‘Surprised’ LeBron Didn’t Win

Jones wasn’t the only person irked by the fact LeBron didn’t win. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel believes the star was more than deserving and was surprised by the decision.

“A little bit [surprised], yeah,” Vogel said Friday. “You guys all know how I feel about it. To me, he’s the MVP of the league this year. No disrespect to Giannis. Giannis had a great season. He’s a great player. What LeBron does for our team, to me, is unparalleled.”

He continued:

To carry the threat of going for 40 at any point, but leading the league in assists, and quarterbacking our defense, and driving our team to as many wins as we’ve had and our playoff success; to me, he’s our MVP. I understand how the voting goes and, quite frankly, our whole group — and I’m sure LeBron would echo this — is focused on something bigger than any individual accolades. We have a mindset to compete for a championship. We’re in a position where we’re down to four teams, and that’s really where our whole focus is.

LeBron is a big reason the Lakers went from being NBA bottom dwellers to a powerhouse. He also did it while playing in a new role. While his stats might not have been as strong as Giannis’, it’s easy to see why many would believe he deserved the award.

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