Jimmy Butler Imitates Dragic’s Accent in Instagram Video [WATCH]

Getty Jimmy Butler tries his best to imitate his teammate's Slovenian accent in hilarious Instagram video.

Jimmy Butler was having a great time with teammate Goran Dragic during a photoshoot to promote the Miami Heat‘s new ViceVersa jersey for the 2020-2021 season. In a video posted to the team’s official Instagram page, Butler imitates Dragic’s Slovenian accent between takes.

In the video, Goran, 34, walks up to Butler and says, “Hey, Heat Nation. Buy this jersey, man” pointing to his teammate’s No. 22 jersey. “The best player on this team.”

In his best Slovenian accent, Butler, 31, encourages fans to buy Dragic’s No. 7 jersey. He repeats, “Buy this jersey, man. My brother!” Butler then says with a smirk in his normal voice, “That’s what you sound like.”

Dragic laughs and makes Butler turn around to give the 5-time All-Star’s the Vana White treatment and says, “Butler, Butler. 22.”

Fans Loved the Video, But We’re Split on the New Vice Jerseys

The video quickly went viral as Heat fans loved seeing the natural chemistry between Butler and Dragic. “This duo is amazing,” one fan commented. While another person wrote, “You can’t hate this team.”

Other viewers pointed out the bromance between Butler and Dragic. One person tweeted, “Get you someone who looks at you the way Jimmy does Goran.”

InstagramJimmy Butler and Goran Dragic playfully make fun of one another in Instagram video.

Other fans just loved seeing the boys in their new jerseys, which has been given the seal of approval by numerous fans, while others greatly prefer to see the team in their classic black/white and red jerseys. One person commented, “The best jerseys by far,” while another user online hates the blue/pink variation. One man commented on the video shared on Twitter, “That’s respectfully one of the worst jerseys I’ve ever seen.”

Heat Play Their First Pre-Season Game on Monday Against the Pelicans

It’s good to see Butler and Dragic’s chemistry hasn’t abated since they were defeated by the Los Angles Lakers during the NBA Championship. The duo appears to be relaxed and confident going into their first pre-season game against the New Orleans Pelicans on December 14.

It’s an important warm-up match as the Heat’s first official game of the new season, scheduled to take place on Christmas Day, will also be against the Pelicans at home at the American Airlines Arena.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, fans will not be allowed to attend the season opener.

“At this time, the amount of games we will host without fans is unknown. Believe me, I’m not happy being the bearer of this news,” said Eric Woolworth, Vice President of Business Operations wrote in an email to season ticket holders, as reported by CBS Miami.

However, there’s hope this is just a temporary thing. There is a chance fans will be admitted to games at some point in 2021.

“The HEAT and the NBA are deeply committed to executing a comprehensive health and safety plan so that you and your loved ones will feel completely comfortable returning to the Arena to enjoy HEAT games,” the letter stated. “As you can imagine, readying our facility has been an extensive and exhaustive process.”

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