Knicks Again Linked to Arguably the Best Player in NBA History in Free Agency

New York Knicks, LeBron James

Getty LeBron James defending Jalen Brunson.

The LeBron James and New York Knicks rumors are once again heating up after some speculation at the trade deadline. James tweeted a Statue of Liberty emoji heading into the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Knicks prior to the deadline. When the game between the Knicks and Lakers was over, James threw a Knicks towel over his neck, leading to even more speculation.

However, that speculation was put to rest when Brian Windhorst of ESPN said he wanted to use the Knicks to put pressure on the Lakers front office. Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report ranekd the top 25 players available during free agency this summer. He ranked James No. 1 and suggested that some around the league speculate it’ll be with the Knicks.

“To the best of his ability, James will probably direct where his son lands. Perhaps that’s with the Lakers, though some around the league speculate it’ll be with the New York Knicks. If so, James would probably opt in and orchestrate a trade from the Lakers (perhaps with Julius Randle, other salaries and picks to Los Angeles).”

Pincus wonders if a team will draft his son, Bronny James, to lure his father in free agency.

The LeBron James to the Knicks Saga Continues

James landing with the New York Knicks would be an insane ending to arguably the greatest basketball player of all times career. Madison Square Garden, despite having Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle, have been begging for a star throughout the past decade.

There wouldn’t be any other player in the world that Knicks fans would love more than James, despite his age.

James knows what he’s doing whenever he makes a comment, decision, or anything else. Him putting that towel over his neck and tweeting what he did was done for a reason.

Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, in the beginning of February, prior to the deadline, found it strange that James did this, too.

“I couldn’t have anticipated that later that night, LeBron would post a telling hourglass emoji on X. Or that two days later, Rich Paul would tell ESPN that LeBron won’t request a trade or be traded. Or that LeBron would later post New York–related emojis. Or that Klutch would reportedly patch up its shaky relationship with the Knicks. Or that LeBron would wrap a Knicks towel around his shoulders after the Lakers beat them. Or that LeBron would respond “no” when asked whether he’s decided what he would do with his player option this summer.”

Is Moving Randle and Drafting Bronny Worth It?

Pincus adds that if the New York Knicks landed LeBron, it would likely be a trade with the Los Anegles Lakers.

He adds that the trade could Randle and other salaries with picks back to the Lakers. The question for the Knicks is if moving Randle is worth if for James, who will turn 40 next season.

Randle has played well in New York and has been a big part to the Knicks success. Moving him for a near 40 year old with other assets might not be the best idea, but this is perhaps the greatest player to ever play the game.

It won’t be an easy decision to make for the Knicks, but the idea of James playing at Madison Square Garden is an exciting one.

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