Cam Newton Gives Candid Assessment of Mac Jones

Getty Cam Newton

If you were expecting Cam Newton to be bitter toward New England Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones, that’s not happening.

Newton posted a clear-the-air video alongside his father Cecil Newton Jr. where two openly discussed the 2015 NFL MVP’s release from the Patriots and his future. Newton was very complimentary of Jones, and for what it’s worth, the 32-year-old veteran made it clear, he believes the Patriots will be successful with Jones.

Here is the video, but I am going to focus on a few areas specifically in quotes below. The video is 42 minutes long, so it is a bit of a time investment.

My Side Of The Story | FÜNKY FRIDÂ¥ With Cam NewtonWhen I first began this Channel, I knew it would be opportunity for me to be transparent. This journey has not been all glitz and glam but I love the game. I know the game. I really needed to get this off my chest. I appreciate your support and thank you for watching. #łëtśKËËPítFÜŃKŸ💯 #šhïñëTHRŪthëŠHÄDĒ…2021-09-10T12:00:11Z

“They’re going to win football games with Mac Jones,” Newton said. “That’s a fact, too,” Newton replied. “But I don’t want the audience saying ‘He’s just saying that because he’s not there no more.’ No, Mac is good enough. I think when they picked him the selection that they did pick him…one of those things that they wanted to find out is, ‘Is he capable of leading this offense to be productive?'”

Cam Newton Says He Was Not Opposed to Being a Backup in New England

Why wouldn’t the Patriots keep Newton as a backup even if they thought Jones was the right guy for the starting job.

What would have happened if that option had been posed to Newton? “I would have said absolutely,” Newton said. “The truth of the matter is this: He would have been uncomfortable.”

Newton said during the video, his “aura” and presence would have indirectly been a distraction for the rookie quarterback. He knew that his presence was too heavy and it would have been uncomfortable for Jones as he attempted to take control of a team that figures to be his for the foreseeable future.

Cam Newton Slammed For Believing in Himself

The Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian, who has been critical of Newton for the past year, didn’t hold back in her “rebuttal” to the former Patriot’s video. She accused Newton of having a “huge ego,” and disputed his thoughts that Jones didn’t beat him out for the job.

It’s strange to see a journalist rebut an athlete’s clear-the-air social media post, but the response in the article typifies the crystal clear mismatch that Newton, New England media and many fans suffered through for a little more than a year. Guregian wrote this in a reply to Newton’s claim that there aren’t 32 QBs in the league who are better than him.

Guess he didn’t watch the season opener with Tom Brady and Dak Prescott duking it out Thursday night. Guess he hasn’t watched Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, or Aaron Rodgers. I’ll even throw in Matthew Stafford. Maybe in 2015, when he was Superman, there weren’t many better than him. But those days are well past. Just look around the league.

Well, he did say 32 and that’s only a list of 7, but you know, what’s a 25-player discrepancy when disrespecting a guy for still believing in himself? Hopefully, the Patriots and Newton will have a fruitful 2021. In reality, the separation is probably best for both parties.

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