Twitter Explodes With Pleas for NFL Teams to Sign Cam Newton

Cam Newton

Getty Former Patriots QB Cam Newton.

Paging Cam Newton.

Week 2 was tough on NFL quarterbacks from an injury standpoint. The Miami Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa, Chicago Bears’ Andy Dalton, Indianapolis Colts’ Carson Wentz and the Houston Texans’ Tyrod Taylor all went down with injuries and didn’t finish their respective games.

Consequently, the former New England Patriots QB’s name was a hot one throughout the afternoon. While some of the assertions were overreactions, you have to wonder whether there is some smoke to the fire building in a few of the situations.

You can see a feasible fit for Newton in multiple situations.

Twitter Explodes With Pleas for NFL Teams to Sign Newton

Bally Sports host Annie Agar may be on to something here. The Colts just agreed to the first-ever mid-season production deal with HBO’s Hard Knocks. Can you imagine what that would look like if they sign Newton?

I’m not sure there would be a more appropriate situation from a commercial standpoint. The Colts certainly seem to need a veteran quarterback with Wentz hobbled with what could be an injury that keeps him off the field for multiple weeks.

Backup Jacob Eason, 23, is still a young quarterback, but I’m not sure anyone sees him as the ultimate successor to Wentz. The Colts showed in Week 2 that they can compete with an elite NFL team as they came up just short of beating the Rams, 27-24.

Newton is arguably the most polarizing football player in the world, and I’m sure the HBO crew would love if the Colts signed him. We’re talking must-see TV.

Evan Massey of the Analysis Network seems to be convinced the Colts should reach out the Newton if Wentz is out for an extended period.

Former NFL tight end Braedon Bowman has gone on record saying some of the NFL teams with openings at QB should be calling Newton.

Ditto for the former leader of the 2 Live Crew and Miami Dolphins fan Luther Campbell; AKA Luke Skywalker.

File this under the bad suggestion section, but Barstool Sports’ Dan Vollmayer floated the idea of the New York Jets potentially calling Newton.

While Wilson’s performance was disappointing against the Patriots on Sunday, September 19, the chances of the Jets bringing in a veteran like Newton to make him uncomfortable are very low.

The one suggestion that might have the most run to it is Miami as a possible landing spot. Tagovailoa isn’t just hurt; he has been largely ineffective this season too with a 54.8% completion percentage and 74.0 quarterback rating — albeit a five-quarter sample size. Newton might not find a better spot to come in and to make an impact.

Joe Kepner of WFTV likes the idea.

Nick Russo of Houston’s “The Bull” wants Newton to “apply for the Texans QB position.” Houston has been mentioned as a possible landing spot for Newton since he was released on August 31.

Newton does have a close relationship with quarterback Deshaun Watson and the severity of Taylor’s injury will be an important factor.

Suddenly, it seems like Newton may have more options than many originally believed. Some have suggested his career might be over.

It’s true, if no team is willing to give him a look now, Newton’s chances of continuing his career might take a hit.

However, the true sign will be if he’s invited to a training camp ahead of the 2022 season with a legitimate chance to make an NFL team.

Newton Had His Pregame Outfit Ready, but You Know What Happened

While NFL quarterbacks were flying around on the field, Newton wasn’t about to allow an opportunity for a Sunday pregame outfit to pass him by.

The former NFL MVP posted what would’ve been his Sunday’s best on Instagram for his fans.

There is only one Cam Newton.