Jets Fans Celebrate Major Development in Pursuit of Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

Getty Green Bay Packers superstar QB Aaron Rodgers in 2022.

It feels like the entire New York Jets fanbase has been on the edge of their seats throughout the entire offseason waiting on news from the quarterback search.

At this point on February 23, we know two things. One: Derek Carr visited Florham Park and the Jets do believe him to be a viable option for the starting role. Two: Gang Green appears to be enamored by the idea of Aaron Rodgers in green and white.

Beyond that, it’s all speculation and hearsay but on the Rodgers front, things seem to be moving again. Not only has the legendary QB concluded his darkness retreat in Oregon, but reports are dropping on the Green Bay Packers superstar left and right.

One recent article from award-winning sports journalist and Sports Illustrated Las Vegas Raiders beat reporter Hondo Carpenter has a contingent of Jets fans jumping for joy. The headline: “Aaron Rodgers Leading the Raiders is Not the Plan.”

Raiders Reporter Declares LVR Out on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

It was always a two-horse race if the Packers and Rodgers came to an agreement that trading him was the right move for everyone. Those teams were the Jets and the Raiders — and it almost felt like Las Vegas held the edge for several reasons.

According to Carpenter, however, the Raiders are done waiting for Rodgers to make a decision. “We know that [the Raiders 2023 quarterback] will not be Tom Brady, and now we know that, as of the writing of this article, it won’t be Aaron Rodgers,” the beat reporter stated boldly.

Continuing: “Owner Mark Davis loved the idea of adding Tom Brady, and Josh McDaniels wanted an experienced leader. But now we know that after considering making a move for Rodgers if he were to become available, the Raiders are looking in different directions. They aren’t waiting for Rodgers or the Green Bay Packers to part ways.”

“Does that mean the door is 100 percent closed?” Carpenter teased. “No, but I wouldn’t rate it at any percentage better than ancillary. Perhaps, five percent.”

“Does that mean General Manager Dave Ziegler has fallen in love with a potential rookie? I will have more on that next week in a podcast,” he concluded, reiterating that “for today, Aaron Rodgers is no longer at the top of the list.”

Jets Fans Celebrate Raiders Dropping Out of Race to Trade for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

NFL news site uSTADIUM tweeted out this piece of information from Carpenter’s story and Jets fans were quickly smiling from ear to ear — through their keyboards and smartphones of course.

“Jets confirmed,” one fan commented, and another posted the GIF of NYJ diehard Fireman Ed starting the “J-E-T-S” chant.

“Joe Douglas seeing this tweet,” a third fan replied with a GIF of a monkey with a massive grin on his face.

Finally, one fan summed up what we’re all thinking. “He’s wearing green next year. Only thing to be decided is the shade,” they voiced. Very true, at this point it feels like Rodgers’ options are down to Jets, Packers, or call it a career.

ESPN’s Jeff Darlington Calls Aaron Rodgers Leaving Packers ‘Overhyped’ in Recent Report

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows on the Rodgers front though. During a segment of ESPN’s “Get Up” on February 22, NFL reporter Jeff Darlington advised the Jets to go all-in on signing Carr.

“I’ve learned two things in the last 24 hours that make me kind of believe that the Jets — it’s time for them to simply sign Derek Carr,” Darlington informed. “The first of which is a conversation I had with a very important Green Bay Packers source who quite honestly believes that Aaron Rodgers will be back with the Packers and that all of this is being overhyped.”

The second piece of information from Darlington at the time was the viral report that the Jets told Carr that he could become a first-ballot Hall of Famer if he wins a Super Bowl in New York.

Darlington concluded: “If that’s not just total BS, if they’re not just trying to inflate — which, maybe that is the case — go sign Derek Carr right now. You’re potentially waiting on a guy in Aaron Rodgers who might or might not be available, when you have a guy who was just in your building, who you believe will be a Hall of Fame quarterback as a New York Jets player. What are you waiting on?”

The Jets could make their final decision on Rodgers or Carr in the coming week, as NFL free agency looms on March 15.

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Eugene Lopez
Eugene Lopez
3 months ago

Pass on Rodgers. Can he guarantee a Super Bowl this year? No. Can he guarantee he will be the QB in 2024? No. Note: he did not make it back to the SB with Packers in 12 years when they BUILT the team around Rodgers…so why should the Jets think he will take them to a SB and win? The Packers teams over the past 12 years are still better than the current Jets team. The plan has to be continuous improvement and sustainability. JD and Saleh have the Jets on the upswing finally-do not disrupt that momentum. Instead get Carr in place draft well again this year to fix the OL, S and LB. With Carr in place the Jets WILL make the playoffs possibly every year and go far as they have a real defense, strong running with Breece and just need to fill in the gaps.

Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson
3 months ago

Hate to burst your bubble, Jets fans, but Rogers ain’t going nowhere for next season. 42% of the Packers total money is going to his contract.

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