Ex-Giants Star Suggests Polarizing Jets QB Trade to Shake Up NFL Landscape

Tiki Barber

Getty Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber just recommended a wild QB trade for the Jets.

Most New York Jets fans appear to have one major fear this offseason — missing out on every big-name quarterback that is available. That would mean no Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr, Lamar Jackson or even Jimmy Garoppolo in green and white at the start of camp.

A scenario like this is DEFCON 1 for many Gang Green supporters, but not to worry, former New York Giants star running back Tiki Barber has a solution if all else fails — and this suggestion would qualify as both brazen and perilous. He rationalized the idea on air, during a live broadcast of his WFAN radio show “Tiki & Tierney,” with co-host Brandon Tierney interjecting throughout.

“If the Jets get stuck with nobody — [which] could be a reality B.T.,” Barber began as Tierney, a diehard Jets fan, groaned as he went on. “If they get stuck with nobody, the guy who’s across the town, Daniel Jones, is more valuable to them than he is to the New York Giants.”

Jones has become a polarizing name in NYC, not because of his personality or his ability to lead, but because of his heavily debated ceiling as a quarterback. Barber was impressed by Big Blue’s signal-caller in 2023, as he led the G-Men to the Divisional Round of the playoffs with very little help at offensive line, wide receiver and tight end. That’s, in part, why he feels Jones could be perfect for the Jets via trade.

He explained: “[The Giants] have so many options of what they can do because, look, they didn’t draft Daniel Jones. Right? They still got a lot of pieces they’ve got to get in place before they’re viable, before they can even beat the [Philadelphia] Eagles. So, Daniel Jones makes a lot of sense for the Jets, as crazy as it sounds.”

Trade Price for Daniel Jones in Jets-Giants QB Deal Would Be Steep

As Barber and Tierney debated this idea, the potential Jets-Giants trade price became apparent, and that’s what scared off his co-host more than anything.

“It doesn’t sound as crazy as you think,” Tierney responded. “It doesn’t. Because his skill set matches what this team needs. What’s crazy about it is that the only way they could get him is if they give up the two first-round picks.”

Tierney is referencing a non-exclusive franchise tag, which would allow Jones to negotiate a long-term deal with other teams. If the Jets did this, and the Giants were unwilling to match their offer, NYJ could steal Jones, but it would cost them two first-round picks by rule. Many have speculated on a similar tag-and-trade scenario for Baltimore Ravens superstar Lamar Jackson, and Tiki & Tierney discussed that as well.

“Isn’t [two first-round picks] worth it?” Barber argued toward his co-host, who replied quickly: “No. Not for Daniel Jones.” Tierney added later: “If I’m giving up two first-round picks for anybody, I’m giving them for the dynamic Lamar Jackson.”

Barber did try and reason with Tierney and Jets nation one last time toward the end of the clip, stating: “If you can trade a draft pick, or two, for a quarterback who could be your future, and you’re desperate to win now, as well as win in the future, Daniel Jones fits the mold. He’s the only one. Lamar Jackson doesn’t fit the mold because you’re worried in the back of your mind — ‘man, this kid’s going to get hurt.’ Aaron Rodgers doesn’t even fit that mold because Aaron Rodgers is [only] going to play for two years.”

Does Daniel Jones Make Sense as a QB Option for the Jets?

First off, for any Giants fans saying this is impossible, NYG insider Wesley Steinberg tweeted this on February 20: “The Giants were ‘disgusted’ with the [$45 million] demands from QB Daniel Jones, regarding an extension. [GM Joe] Schoen and [HC Brian] Daboll would have liked him back on a more team-friendly deal, but are comfortable going in a new direction if things don’t work out.”

A Jones trade is certainly possible, and let’s say Rodgers stays in Green Bay or retires and Carr goes to the New Orleans Saints. Then, the Las Vegas Raiders pounce on Garoppolo based on his ties to Josh McDaniels and the Ravens work things out with Jackson. Going one step further, the Tennessee Titans even decide to keep Ryan Tannehill. What then?

To put it bluntly, Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh would be up *bleep’s* creek without a paddle.

They might have to consider something bold, like trading two first-round picks for Jones, and here’s why it’s a better option than many are willing to admit:

  • Jones is just 25 years old and has improved as he’s gotten older.
  • Jones has no significant injury history.
  • Jones is a dual-threat QB that ran for over 800 yards last season (including playoffs).
  • Jones’ interception total has decreased every season, going from 12 as a rookie to just five in year four (2022).
  • Jones has played in NYC already and has proven he can handle the media during the lowest of lows (leading a rebuild behind a terrible head coach and roster).
  • Jones elevated an offense devoid of talent in 2022, winning a playoff game on the road.

Now, there are of course negatives. Was Jones’ breakout campaign a product of Daboll and offensive coordinator Mike Kafka? Is his potential and projected average annual salary ($35-45 million per year) worth two first-round picks? Is he good enough to win a Super Bowl, or even an AFC Championship against a player like Patrick Mahomes II or Joe Burrow?

These are all great questions, and ones that Douglas and Saleh would have to weigh a great deal before considering this move. If they’re as desperate to win now as they appear to be, they might just pull the trigger if they end up missing out on the other top QB options around the league.

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