Bills OT Shares 3-Word Response to Stefon Diggs Throwing Shade at Fans

Stefon Diggs

Getty Stefon Diggs looks on during a Buffalo Bills game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Not long after he was traded to the Houston Texans in a blockbuster deal, wide receiver Stefon Diggs took to social media to throw shade at Buffalo Bills fans.

After first sharing a heartfelt goodbye to Bills fans on his Instagram page, Diggs took to social media days later to like a message on X that read, “Bills lowkey got the worse fanbase y’all bitter asf in the comments.”

The message left some fans upset, but Bills veteran Dion Dawkins said he understands the strong emotions from both sides. In an appearance on the Jim Rome Show on April 12, Dawkins said he thinks both fans and Diggs have a right to vent their feelings after an emotion-filled split.

“I’m for it,” Dawkins said.

Dion Dawkins: ‘The Fans Can Be Mad’

There had been controversy surrounding Diggs for more than a year before his trade to the Texans. The receiver took to social media to share a series of cryptic messages hinting at discontentment with the team, then ended the season on a slump that saw him go the final seven games without a touchdown.

Dawkins said fans are entitled to feel however they want about the situation, adding that he’s aware players will face increased scrutiny for all of their actions.

“The fans can be mad, they can be bitter, they can be sad, they can be happy,” Dawkins said. “Everybody has their own choice of emotions to show. And if Diggs accidentally hit that like button, then so be it. The fans, they’re going to hate him, they’re going to love him, then they’re going to hate him, then they’re going to love him, but at the end of every day we need each other. The fans need us and we need the fans.”

Dawkins also shared a message of support to the fans, emphasizing that he’s on their side.

“I’m loyal to mine and to Mafia, so I like where I’m at,” Dawkins said.

The Bills veteran did not appear to harbor any ill will toward Diggs. Shortly after the trade, he took to X to share a goodbye post that showed pictures of the two together.

Bills Veteran Trusts Team After ‘Blind Haymaker’

Dawkins said he was blindsided by the trade sending Diggs to the Texans, but has come to learn that moves like that are the nature of the business.

“The Stefon Diggs trade was definitely a haymaker, a blind haymaker,” Dawkins said. “But I have learned that in this world and this career that I’m in that pieces shuffle all the time. The last time something like this happened was in my younger years with LeSean McCoy. For a player that had that kind of impact and popularity, it just hits you in a different way.”

Dawkins went on to say that he trusts the team to make the right decisions and that the team will remain a contender as long as they have Josh Allen as quarterback.

“When you got 17, when you got Josh, anything is possible, truly,” Dawkins said.

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