‘Hypothetical’ Deal Sees Cowboys Acquire 3-Time Pro Bowl RB

Mike McCarthy

Getty The Cowboys would make sense as a potential landing spot for Titans RB Derrick Henry.

The Dallas Cowboys could be an ideal landing spot for a three-time Pro Bowl running back — if there was no trade deadline.

As suggested by Bleacher Report’s David Kenyon, a “hypothetical” trade that would make sense for the Cowboys is trading for Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry. Kenyon argues the idea of Henry as a “change-of-pace” option for the Cowboys next to Tony Pollard combined with the Titans’ woeful 4-7 record would make a potential trade make sense for both teams.

“Can you imagine Derrick Henry as a change-of-pace option? That’s a real Madden-level roster situation. While the 4-7 Tennessee Titans drift toward missing the playoffs, the soon-to-be 30-year-old is also approaching free agency,” Kenyon wrote. “His contract voids following the season, and the Titans probably should move in a new direction.”

Why the Cowboys Could Use Derrick Henry

The idea makes sense considering the Titans’ rebuilding direction, Henry’s expiring contract and the Cowboys’ lack of dominance in the run game with Tony Pollard as the starting running back.

While Pollard has been solid in his first season as a starting running back following the departure of Ezekiel Elliott, he hasn’t been spectacular. After the Cowboys ranked ninth in rushing yards and second in rushing touchdowns last season, Dallas ranks 12th in rushing yards and 11th in rushing touchdowns this season.

Pollard is averaging 4.1 yards per carry and 4.4 yards per touch with 180 carries on 737 rushing yards this season. Those numbers are solid, but they’re a major decline from the 5.2 yards per carry and 5.9 yards per touch he averaged last season as a complementary back.

The idea of adding Henry — who could help improve Dallas’ ranking of 17th in red zone efficiency — would likely go a long way towards improving the efficiency of the Cowboys’ rushing game, as Kenyon notes.

“Henry remains effective, however, and the Dallas Cowboys could use a half-season jolt. Henry’s greatest value is his strength,” writes Kenyon. “Tony Pollard is a quality back, but he isn’t the short-yardage and red-zone powerhouse that Henry has always been. Throw in Henry’s strong pass-blocking value, and Dallas would add another element to its diverse, productive offense.”

How Cowboys Can Acquire Derrick Henry in 2024 Offseason

While the possibility of the Cowboys adding Henry this season is long gone, maybe Dallas could revisit the idea in the offseason when he becomes a free agent.

If the Cowboys choose to bring back Pollard — which is a possibility considering he hasn’t had an overly impressive season — they could choose to sign a veteran back such as Henry to help take the load off of Pollard.

The question is, what is Henry’s market value as a free agent?

Spotrac still projects the 29-year-old back to hold a market value of $9.5 million per season across two years at a total of $19.2 million. That would make Henry the ninth-highest-paid running back in the league.

Considering the Cowboys are currently paying Pollard a little over $10 million this season on the franchise tag, there’s no way Dallas would pay nearly $20 million combined on a devalued position such as running back next season.

If Henry is willing to accept a smaller deal in an effort to chase a Super Bowl, the possibility of the two-time rushing yards leader signing with the Cowboys becomes a viable scenario.

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