Oddsmakers Project Chiefs’ Chances of Signing Bengals WR Tee Higgins

Betting odds of Bengals WR Tee Higgins signing with Chiefs.

Getty How likely is it the Kansas City Chiefs are able to sign Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins in 2024 free agency?

The Kansas City Chiefs are expected to be in the market for a wide receiver or two in 2024 and the cream of the free agency crop might be Cincinnati Bengals 25-year-old Tee Higgins.

In fact, USA Today Chiefs Wire writer John Dillon named Higgins as the main free agent that KC should “want to sign” this spring, calling him a potential “boon for Kansas City’s offense.” Of course, a Chiefs acquisition of Higgins would also weaken the AFC rival Bengals.

How likely is it KC lands Higgins, however? Covers analyst Kyle LaRusic broke down the current betting odds for the wideout’s next team on February 12 (via DraftKings Sportsbook), and Higgins is considered a longshot to play for the Chiefs in 2024.

Kansas City was tied for sixth on the list of odds, alongside the Jacksonville Jaguars at +1400. On the flip side, a return to Cincy was first at -175.

“The one big question that looms is if the Cincinnati Bengals will use the franchise tag to keep Higgins for at least one more year,” LaRusic explained on Covers. “That possibility is a big reason why Cincy is favored to maintain Higgins’ services.”

Bengals Are Expected to Franchise Tag or Extend Tee Higgins Ahead of 2024 Free Agency

While just about every Chiefs fan is probably on board with the idea of stealing Higgins from the Bengals this March, it’s not a very likely scenario because of the franchise tag that LaRusic mentioned.

Cincinnati is somewhat cap-rich heading into free agency with just under $60 million at their disposal, meanwhile a wide receiver franchise tag is expected to cost $21.665 million this offseason. That’s well within the Bengals’ means — and it’d be foolish to let a productive second rounder like Higgins walk with rival organizations lurking.

If anything, there’s a chance that Higgins is tagged, and then traded. In this scenario, the Bengals would rather not pay him long-term, but prefer to get something back for the two-time 1,000-yard WR.

There’s little chance of that helping the Chiefs though. Even if a tag-and-trade were to occur, there’s no way Cincinnati is willingly choosing to send Higgins over to their biggest competition inside the conference.

No, KC’s only real shot of landing Higgins is on the open market — and it feels unrealistic that the borderline superstar will make it there at this time.

Covers Highlights Chiefs as ‘Value Pick’ for Tee Higgins, But Admits Bengals Are ‘Smartest’ Bet

At the bottom of his odds breakdown with Covers — which includes the top eight favorites to sign Higgins — LaRusic predicted a return to Cincinnati.

“This may not be the most exciting pick, but it seems like the smartest one,” he acknowledged candidly. “The only world I see the Bengals not franchise-tagging Higgins is a world where he and Cincy agree on a new contract. The Bengals are in win-now mode and aren’t just going to let one of their best offensive weapons walk out the door.”

Having said that, the Covers analyst did highlight Kansas City as a potential dark horse bet.

“Aside from them, I could also see value in Kansas City at +1400,” LaRusic stated. “The Chiefs will most likely be in search of another wide receiver as [Travis] Kelce is on his way out sooner than later, but there are plenty of other weapons they can get if Higgins and KC can’t come to an agreement.”

Despite that teaser, the betting odds writer concluded that “I think he’s sticking around in Cincinnati for one more year — whether he likes it or not.” Looks like Higgins will remain a Chiefs rival for the time being, although a different Bengals pass-catcher could make sense for Kansas City.

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