Tyreek Hill Teases Kelce & Mahomes With Playful Jab Ahead of Chiefs-Dolphins

Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill claims Travis Kelce ghosted him ahead of Chiefs playoff matchup.

Getty Tyreek Hill spoke on his recent relationship with Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes ahead of Dolphins-Chiefs.

The trash talking between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins has been strangely subdued ahead of the Wild Card Weekend rematch on January 13, and of course, a lot of that has had to do with Tyreek Hill.

The ex-Chiefs wide receiver has often played the role of the aggressor in this recent war of words between KC and Miami, and he’s gone radio silent all week. Perhaps, Hill has been humbled by the loss in Germany or the Week 18 collapse versus the Buffalo Bills — or maybe a more serious matter, his recent house fire, has altered his perspective.

Either way, both sides have remained cordial leading up to Hill’s highly anticipated return to Arrowhead Stadium, until the slightest of jabs from the Dolphins playmaker on January 11. Clay Ferraro of WPLG shared video of the comment on X.

“I haven’t texted [Patrick] Mahomes since they beat our a—,” Hill admitted jokingly, “[but] I text [Travis] Kelce.”

“He still hasn’t texted me back,” Hill continued awkwardly with a smirk, noting that Kelce is “probably still on his Taylor Swift thing.” The ex-teammate concluded that Mahomes and Kelce are “too famous for me now, I guess.”

Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Speaks Highly of Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill Prior to Wild Card Weekend

Unfortunately, Mahomes and Kelce have already addressed the media this week, so we’re unlikely to get any clarity on Hill’s claim that he’s been ghosted by his former KC buddies.

Having said that, both Chiefs superstars spoke highly of “the Cheetah” ahead of round two at Arrowhead. Kelce said his piece just before Hill on January 11.

“I expect KC to give him nothing but love,” the future Hall of Fame tight end began, joking: “Until he’s putting up the peace sign or something like that. Then he might hear a few boos.”

From there, Kelce got serious.

“Who he was for this community, it speaks volumes,” he went on. “Every single kids camp he had, he made it his effort to go out [there] and shake those hands and give those kids an experience they’ll never have again. That’s why Tyreek is loved in this city, and he’ll forever be loved in this city because of who he was off the field in this community as well.”

“It’s going to be electric just to see him,” Kelce said, finishing the thought. “He’s always one of the best football players in the league when he’s on the field.”

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Acknowledges He & Tyreek Hill Are Competitors First While Playing

In case you missed it, Mahomes chatted about his current relationship with Hill on Tuesday, January 9.

“I mean, we’re competitors,” the Chiefs QB admitted candidly. “I have that fire, that competitive fire when [I’m] on the football field and he’s the same way — that’s what makes him so great.”

Explaining: “We’re still friends in the offseason and everything like that but when you play on the field, you’re trying to compete to win. That’s just kind of how it is. I’m excited for the opportunity for our defense. I’m excited for the opportunity for our team to go against a great football team.”

Mahomes also voiced that he knows Hill will be “excited” for this matchup in Kansas City, acknowledging that they probably won’t contact each other until after the game.

“I have not heard from Tyreek this week,” the reigning NFL MVP stated at the time, adding: “I don’t know if we’ll be talking this week, but I talk to him every once in a while.”

Fair, but in Hill’s defense, a congratulatory text on his recent marriage or a checkup after the fire might have been nice — just not on game week.