‘Ecstatic’ Cam Newton Arrives in Boston and Speaks to the Media

Getty Cam Newton

The media circus–at least the 2020 COVID-19-restricted version–that will surround Cam Newton during his first training camp with the New England Patriots took a major step on Wednesday evening. The former 2015 NFL MVP arrived at Boston Logan Airport and he’s expected to report to the Patriots sometime next week with every intention on becoming the team’s starting quarterback for the 2020 season.

As soon as Newton stepped off the plane, the fans around and somehow a member of the media was able to snap a few photos of him, and of course, his outfit drew some attention.

Cam Newton Arrives at Boston Logan Airport

WHDH’s Chelsi McDonald was able to post these images of Newton as he arrived with one of his signature hats, a protective face covering, tons of luggage, and what looks like a two-piece, jogging pants with a short length.


This is a bit more understated than what he wore for the Patriots physical earlier this month. The striped ensemble had the internet abuzz. This arrival attire will get its share of attention, but it isn’t likely to cause the same sort of stir.

There was even this very short interview:

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Newton sounded tired as he graciously dealt with the reporter from the local ABC news outlet, but did finish up the brief conversation with “go Pats.” Newton likely wanted to be more mentally prepared for his first time speaking with local media, but the world has a way of throwing things at you before you’re ready.

Every human being on the planet has learned that in a major way in 2020. Still, he handled things well and it only served to increase expectations for this enormous presence and talent.

When He Might Actually Be in Camp

Per the Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian, Patriots quarterbacks are supposed to report on Tuesday, July 28.

There are still some details of the labor agreement between the National Football League and the National Football League Player’s Association, but there is optimism things will be hammered out perhaps before the end of the week. That would allow for Newton and the rest of the quarterbacks to report on time.

Expectations are High

Forget about the outfits, that’s just one aspect of Newton. The parts that will matter most to the Patriots’ organization and its fans is his skills and health. He obviously passed the aforementioned team physical earlier in the month and based on the eyeball test, he looks to be in fantastic shape.

The first test will come during the early drills and then the next step will be practicing in pads–even though he’ll have on the red jersey through all of those.

This could be one strange, but fun football season in Boston.

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