Ex-Aaron Rodgers Teammate Upset About New Jets Vibe

Aaron Rodgers, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers reacting in the middle of an NFL game.

The vibes appear to be at an all-time high for the New York Jets.

Rookie wideout Malachi Corley is going to stay in Aaron Rodgers’ guesthouse during the offseason to build chemistry and there is a strong overriding belief that this team can win a Super Bowl.

However, a former teammate of Rodgers displayed his frustration on social media after seeing all this hubbub.

Amari Rodgers, a former teammate of A-Rod with the Green Bay Packers, had a strong response to what is happening at 1 Jets Drive.

“Promise this helps him play better as a Rookie 💯 If only I had this type of love coming into GB, but to each his own!”

Rodgers would later delete this tweet, but before he did Zach Jacobson screenshotted it and posted it on X previously Twitter.

The Evolution of Rodgers in the Latter Stages of His Career

Rodgers was traded to the Jets having a reputation for not working well with younger players on the team.

There was a large piece written in The Athletic back in 2022 that detailed Rodgers’ very complex hand signs and some of the struggles youngsters had learning it.

Amari seemed to be one of those youngsters who didn’t have the same experience that rookie Malachi Corley had.

Amari, like Corley, is a former third-round draft choice. However, his career in Green Bay only lasted a season and a half.

In 26 career games with the Packers, Amari only caught eight receptions for 95 yards and never scored a touchdown. In addition to his lack of production, Rodgers struggled with fumbles coughing up the ball five times across 10 games, per Christopher Kuhagen of USA Today.

Things didn’t work out for Rodgers and only Amari can speak on his experience with Aaron. However, based on what we’ve seen here in New York, A-Rod is a different man.

He has got along great with seemingly all of his younger teammates. Rodgers has been a driving force for the apparent culture change on 1 Jets Drive.

Hype Train Is Real for Corley

Alex Ballentine of Bleacher Report predicted that Corley will be one of the “most surprising rookie gems” from the 2024 NFL draft class.

“The other archetype that Aaron Rodgers needs to be successful is a slot receiver who can be targeted on crossers and flat routes when neither deep option is open. That was the role Randall Cobb played for the quarterback in their primes with the Packers. Corley has the skill set to play that role, and there isn’t much competition for it in New York,” Ballentine explained. “It’s completely within the range of outcomes for the 22-year-old to become a second or high-end third option in New York with better numbers than several receivers drafted before him.”

Zack Rosenblatt of The Athletic dropped a full feature on Corley on Wednesday, May 8.

In that piece, he beautifully described Corley’s upbringing and his desire from an early age to achieve his football dreams. He isn’t a perfect wide receiver built on a lab table, but he has an impressive physique and a rare affinity to seek out contact.

That level of physicality will be a welcomed addition to the Jets offense.

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