Raiders Could Block Jets From Making Big-Time QB Trade: Insider

Las Vegas Raiders, New York Jets

Getty Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr attempting to avoid a sack versus the New York Jets.

The New York Jets might get bamboozled this offseason in their epic search for a new quarterback.

Green Bay Packers Insider Peter Bukowski joined me on my podcast and explained how the Las Vegas Raiders might prevent Gang Green from landing the QB of their dreams:

“It is interesting that Aaron Rodgers said he’s not going to make a decision until after the Super Bowl because guess who needs to have a decision made on him until after the Super Bowl, Derek Carr. So maybe [if you’re Green Bay] you want to force the Jets to pick. If you’re the Raiders maybe you give Carr to the Jets in a sweetheart deal so that it clears the deck for you to get Rodgers. There are a lot of things that can go down here and I’m fascinated to see.”

Jets QB Decision: Derek Carr Versus Aaron Rodgers

By Wednesday, February 15 the Raiders will have to make a firm decision on the future of Derek Carr.

By that point in time they will have to either release him outright or trade him to another team. $40.4 million of his contract will become guaranteed on that date and the Raiders have already begun the process of “evaluating the trade market”, per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

On the Pat McAfee Show, Aaron Rodgers revealed that he won’t be making a decision on his future until after the Super Bowl (Sunday, February 12).

“I can’t make a decision until after the Super Bowl at the earliest because there is still football going on. No. 2 it ain’t about me it’s about the Chiefs and the Eagles still playing and the great season they have had.”

That could put the Jets in a very awkward position. No matter what Gang Green is only going to get one whack at the pinata. There are a lot of different quarterback options available but they will only get to land one of them.

If the Jets want to wait for Rodgers and miss out on Carr that could come back to bite them, especially if they either miss on A-Rod or he never leaves the Packers.

On the other side of the coin, if they just take Carr and don’t wait on Rodgers and later he becomes available they might be kicking themselves.

Rodgers is a better player than Carr. Not only at this stage of their respective careers but all-time. If the Jets are going to get a veteran quarterback this offseason they should try to get the best possible one they can.

Aaron Rodgers Bidding War Is Expected to Transpire

If and when Rodgers becomes available, Bukowski expects a bidding war for his services.

With Tom Brady out of the picture with his surprise retirement, “you have this broader pool of teams that could go in. Let’s add the New Orleans Saints who picked up a first-round pick for Sean Payton. Now with Brady off the board, Rodgers is the big fish. These teams are already probably calling the Packers and asking what is it going to take.”

While it appears there will be a robust market for Rodgers’ services, it appears the sweepstakes is going to come down to the Jets and the Raiders, according to Bukowski.

“The other spot [outside of the Jets] that I believe Rodgers would be willing to go if he does in fact decide that I want to be somewhere else is in Las Vegas with Josh McDaniels. He is the coach that Rodgers wanted to be hired when Mike McCarthy was fired. If he went to Las Vegas he’d get to play with Davante Adams and play with a coach that he has long coveted and respected. So if it really is Raiders and Jets and at this point, I believe that those are the two teams that are realistic.”

Bukowski added that he believes Nathaniel Hackett could be a “scale-tipping factor” in Rodgers’ decision between the Raiders and the Jets. On Sunday, January 26 the Jets hired Hackett as their new offensive coordinator.

The 43-year-old coach spent three seasons in Green Bay with Rodgers as his offensive coordinator. During that span, Aaron won back-to-back regular season MVP awards.

Ultimately, it’ll come down to “who offers the most because I think Rodgers would be happy in both situations.”

Bukowski says the trade price for Rodgers “is going to be high, two firsts and stuff is probably where we’re going to land if multiple teams are really in it.”

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