Jets Send Blunt 2-Word Message to Jamal Adams About Reunion

Jamal Adams, Seahawks

Getty Former Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams reacting after an NFL game.

On Tuesday, March 5 the Seattle Seahawks announced that they had released veteran safety Jamal Adams.

There was immediate speculation on social media that Adams could return home to play for the New York Jets. However, Connor Hughes of SNY ended all of that with a sickening thud on X previously Twitter.

“The Jets have ‘zero’ interest in a reunion with recently-released safety Jamal Adams, multiple sources told @SNYtv, despite social media rumblings that Adams wants to come back to NYJ,” Hughes emphatically stated on social media.

Adams Has Been Flirting With Potential Jets Return for Weeks

On January 10 Adams liked my post on social media where I explained I’d be open to an Adams comeback to New York if he hit the open market.

Later in January, Adams started sharing old photos of himself in a Jets uniform on his Instagram story. That sparked even more speculation that the talented defensive back was interested in returning to the Jets.

The Jets are desperate for safety help this offseason, but apparently not that desperate.

Tony Adams and Jarrick Bernard-Converse are the only safeties that are under contract for 2024. Adams is a starter and JBC is a developmental backup.

Three other safeties from the Jets roster are scheduled to become free agents this offseason: Jordan Whitehead, Chuck Clark, and Ashtyn Davis.

Rich Cimini of ESPN said, “Look for the Jets to re-sign at least one of them.” If Gang Green followed through on that they would have two starters at safety.

However, Connor Rogers recently explained that ideally, you want to have three capable starters at safety on your roster. For depth purposes and when the Jets go to three safety looks on the backend of the defense.

Strange Social Media Activity From Whitehead Ahead of Free Agency

Whitehead posted on social media on March 1, “Already shown what I do in the box. Had 10 tfl the year I went to Super Bowl. Word was I couldn’t play the ball … Went to a different scheme played deep safety showed y’all 6 picks 18 pass deflections in 2 years.”

There have been a lot of squabbles on X between Whitehead and fans/media personalities during his tenure in New York.

The veteran safety has often been criticized for his underwhelming Pro Football Focus grades and that has seemed to bother Whitehead:

Whitehead reshared JJ Watt’s take on PFF who said, “This is what happens when you try to grade football players with an algorithm… CJ Stroud’s performance was ‘graded’ a 77.8. And people treat this s*** as gospel.”

“PFF is useful for stats/analytics on targets, formation alignments and the percentages of those. “Grades” 😂 they have ZERO clue what the actual calls and responsibilities are. And btw, I happen to grade very well inside our building. Could care less about PFF. Argue with a wall,” NFL defensive back Justin Reid added. Whitehead also reshared this take on his social media.

Whitehead is coming off of a two-year deal for $14.5 million with the Jets. The coaching staff loves him and the team would be open to a return in 2024 on a similar contract.

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