Jets Video of Aaron Rodgers’ Progress From Surgery Goes Viral

Aaron Rodgers, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers reacting on the sideline ahead of an NFL game.

There is new hope amongst the New York Jets fan base.

On Thursday, October 12, the team released a new episode of “One Jets Drive” that showed never-before-seen footage of Aaron Rodgers walking around during pre-game of the Week 4 matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Jets.

During the 59-second clip, Rodgers entered the Jets’ locker room without the use of crutches. Instead of using them in the normal way one person would, he carries them and walks under his own power.

Rodgers continues to walk around the Jets locker room, chatting it up with some of his teammates and employees in the building. At the end of the clip, Rodgers is shown leaning back in his chair and using his legs to prop himself up.

Rodgers Appears to Be Making Incredible Progress With His Rehab

A-Rod tore his Achilles on Monday, September 11, during the Week 1 matchup with the Buffalo Bills.

Rodgers posted an update on Instagram on Thursday, September 14, saying, “surgery went great yesterday,” which would mean he had surgery on Wednesday, September 13, two days after the injury.

The footage the Jets showed on “One Jets Drive” was from pre-game ahead of the Chiefs contest on Sunday, October 1.

People on social media were stunned that he was already walking under his own power without the assistance of crutches less than three weeks removed from surgery.

Jets Today said on X (previously Twitter), “I am no doctor, but this seems truly impossible.”

The video started picking up national attention on Thursday, October 12. Popular X account Dov Kleiman re-shared the video to his 254,100 followers.

Packers reporter Eli Berkovits called Rodgers “superhuman” in response to the viral video clip.

JPA Football said Rodgers is making “spectacular progress.”

ESPN injury analyst Stephania Bell appeared on the “Flight Deck Podcast” and described Rodgers’ progress since surgery as “impressive,” and that was before seeing this new viral video clip.

However, for this story to matter during the 2023 season, the Jets have to continue to play competitive football. If we get to the end of the campaign and the Jets are out of the playoff race, it won’t matter if Rodgers is healthy enough to play.

Things Appear to Be Going Quite Well for Rodgers

Rodgers earned a lot of praise both from the Jets and national community when he took a massive pay cut on his contract to help out the team.

This week we found out he is getting monetary compensation in different forms.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post revealed that Pat McAfee “pays” Rodgers’ millions for his exclusive interviews every Tuesday on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

“Aaron has made over $1,000,000 with us, for sure,” McAfee told Marchand. “To be transparent, Aaron deserves much more than what he’s gotten for the time and effort he has put into ‘Aaron Rodgers’ Tuesdays.”

McAfee explained why he decided to start paying Rodgers on his show this week. It started out as doing an interview with a buddy, he said, but after McAfee made so much money off of it, he decided to cut Rodgers in since he was a primary reason the show has done so well.