Jets Face New Competition in Derek Carr Sweepstakes: Report

Derek Carr

Getty Former Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr in 2022.

The New York Jets could be running out of time to decide on quarterback Derek Carr ahead of NFL free agency.

According to a new report from ESPN insider Jeremy Fowler, there are now up to five franchises that are potentially interested in Carr — the New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, and two mystery buyers.

“The New York Jets and Carolina Panthers remain interested in Carr,” explained Fowler, “but it’s more complicated with them due to the Jets’ interest in [Aaron] Rodgers and the Panthers’ chance to solve their quarterback position once and for all in the draft (No. 9 overall). Carolina is lurking here, with a follow-up call with Carr early this week. The Panthers are a factor. And at least two other teams have reached out on Carr in recent weeks.”

He also described the Saints as a strong candidate to land the veteran signal-caller. “The New Orleans Saints remain motivated to sign quarterback Derek Carr, who will take his free agency into next week,” Fowler noted earlier. “New Orleans believes it has made a compelling case to Carr, with solid pass-catching targets, a good defense and the chance to play in a dome at least 10 games per season. Carr is prioritizing the right fit, and once he commits to that, a potential contract will be hashed out.”

Mystery Buyers Join Hunt for Derek Carr

So, who could these two new mystery suitors be?

The Washington Commanders always felt like an option for Carr — but head coach Ron Rivera claimed his team wouldn’t be in on a veteran quarterback this offseason, hoping to develop Sam Howell in 2023. Have things changed with offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy entering the fold? Bieniemy should know Carr well, considering he’s coached against him two times a year for several seasons now with the Kansas City Chiefs.

How about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Who could certainly use a starting quarterback after Tom Brady decided to retire this winter. Many believe the cap-strapped Bucs could decide to rebuild after mortgaging their future for Brady and a championship, but perhaps they’ve had a change of heart.

Are the Indianapolis Colts looking to take a stab at yet another veteran QB? How about the Atlanta Falcons who gave Desmond Ridder a shot during the second half of 2022? The Miami Dolphins have come up in recent rumors surrounding Rodgers. Might they be checking in on Carr given the Tua Tagovailoa uncertainty?

Would the Houston Texans rather a sure thing in Carr with the No. 2 overall pick in April? Are the Tennessee Titans looking to replace cut candidate Ryan Tannehill? Or maybe the Seattle Seahawks have decided Geno Smith can be upgraded on? One final candidate could be the cross-town rival New York Giants, who are reportedly getting price-gouged by Daniel Jones’ new agents.

As you can see, there are a ton of teams that could be looking for a quarterback and the longer the Jets wait, the more likely they end up missing out on Carr.

2 ‘Fun’ Facts About Jets QB Search

ESPN’s Rich Cimini shared a couple of fun facts about the Jets quarterback search during his new article on March 5 — depending on your definition of the word fun.

The first was disheartening, but unsurprising.

“Seven different players have started at quarterback for the Jets since the start of 2018,” Cimini shared. “None of them has had a winning record or a QBR above 50, which is considered league average. And that’s why they’re trying so hard to upgrade the position.”

The second is more jokey, but it’s also incredibly ironic.

“Maybe no one else finds this interesting, but the name of Carr’s father is Rodger Carr,” Cimini wrote. “Less common than ‘Roger,’ it makes you think of Aaron Rodgers, who will be forever linked with Derek Carr because of what has been unfolding the past couple of weeks.”

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