Woody Johnson Completely Flips on Jets QB Zach Wilson

Woody Johnson, Jets

Getty New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson reacting after an NFL game.

A few weeks ago at NFL Honors, New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson took an unnecessary shot at Zach Wilson.

“We need a backup quarterback. We didn’t have one last year,” Johnson told Brian Costello of the New York Post.

However, at the Annual League Meeting, Johnson flipped the script calling Wilson “a valuable asset.”

“If we don’t trade him, we are going to keep him,” Johnson told the media on Monday, March 25. “Zach is a valuable asset, he really is. I said it would be better for him [if we released him], but no we are not just going to release him.”

Could Zach Wilson Be Back With the Jets in 2024?

Johnson told the media that, “it’s possible” Wilson could return but he admitted that the former BYU passer needs a fresh start.

“It would probably be better from his standpoint, it’s probably better if he changes faces and gets to a new place. He can wipe the slate clean you know in that way. I think that would probably be better for him,” Johnson explained.

Costello speculated that the Jets’ Owner “may have just been posturing on Monday to try to avoid destroying any trade value Wilson may have” but he did admit that it “was surprising to hear Johnson say the Jets would consider holding onto Wilson.”

The green and white get no cap relief if they decide to release Wilson. So they are motivated to trade him to create some cap space and to acquire an asset. From that standpoint, Gang Green is in no rush to get a deal done.

However, from Wilson’s perspective, quarterback spots are filling up around the league as the team waits for a trade package. If the team released him, he would get to choose his next landing spot and it would increase the chances of him finding a home before they all fill up.

“I think ultimately you’re trying to walk the line of getting Zach to a good situation while also making sure the team is in a good situation. So that’s the line we are walking right now. We don’t have anything close to being done, but I think we’re just working together to do it,” Douglas told Jeane Coakley of SNY.

Double Denial of National Report About Wilson-Jets Trade

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk shared in a column on Monday, March 25 that if the Jets truly wanted to trade Wilson, “they would.”

“Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Jets have gotten trade offers for Wilson. But they don’t like the offers they’ve gotten. So they’re waiting for something better,” Florio revealed.

Douglas was asked at his media availability if that’s accurate and he seemed to push back.

“I would say that there’s been conversations, but nothing is close. Nothing is close to getting done,” Douglas responded.

Florio also added, “It’s believed by some that owner Woody Johnson is the person keeping it from happening.”

Johnson flat-out denied that report, “No I don’t nix them. If it’s nixed, it would be Joe [Douglas].”

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