Social Media Erupts After Report That Zach Wilson Is ‘Reluctant’ to Start for Jets

Zach Wilson, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson reacting after an NFL game.

The New York Jets want to make another change at starting quarterback heading into Week 14.

Gang Green is “leaning towards Zach Wilson,” according to The Athletic. However, Wilson is “hesitant to step back into the role,” Zack Rosenblatt, Dianna Russini and Jeff Howe wrote on Monday, December 4.

Rosenblatt added on X, formerly Twitter, that the Jets are “hoping” he has a change of heart “as they continue to discuss the next steps.”

Top Social Media Reactions to Zach Wilson’s Reluctance to Start for Jets Again

Longtime sports journalist Gary Myers posted on X: “If Zach Wilson indeed rejects being the Jets starter again, then how can he ever walk back into the locker room? I’ve never heard of a player refusing to play for non-injury reasons (well, other than Antonio Brown taking off his uniform and quitting in the middle of a game).”

“This Is Football” host Kevin Clark posted a screenshotted text exchange between a manager and an employee to illustrate how “literally” Wilson likely responded to the Jets:

Manager: “We’re short staffed for tonight.”

Wilson: “damn that’s crazy. goodluck tho.”

“Zach Wilson basically doing the pro version of no thanks, I’m not going to play in the Liberty Mutual Insurance Bowl,” another user posted on X.

“Zach Wilson standing on business lol”, another fan posted.

Another fan’s post was captioned: “Hey Zach we’re going back to you as the starter.” It included a GIF of a cartoon animal in the role of Wilson shaking his head and saying, “No you ain’t!”

Reporters Weigh In on the Zach Wilson Situation

Head coach Robert Saleh said the Jets hadn’t made a decision on who would start at quarterback against the Houston Texans in Week 14, according to The Athletic story.

SNY’s Connor Hughes posted on X that he understood Wilson’s “annoyance with the team.”

However, it seems as though they want the starting QB to be Wilson if he changes his mind.

Connor Hughes of SNY said he understands Wilson’s “annoyance with the team.” The Jets have benched him on multiple occasions over the last two calendar years; however, to reach the level where he is “reluctant to play” is “wild to me,” Hughes wrote.

Hughes said on X that he believes it is the “right move” for the Jets to want to go back to Wilson. The backup quarterbacks who have stepped up in his place, Trevor Siemian and Tim Boyle, have played poorly and the offense has stunk.

Hughes wrote that Wilson gives the Jets “the best chance to win,” and even with the playoffs realistically out of the picture, the team owes it to themselves to put the best guy out there.

“You can’t fault [Wilson] for taking this approach. It’s hard for him not to feel like he was scapegoated in this entire situation. The Jets turned to Boyle & Siemian after benching him, and the offense got worse. Much, much worse. Guys were running wide open throughout the #Falcons secondary yesterday and neither quarterback threw the ball. That’s unacceptable.

“So now the Jets want him to start again? From his POV: You blamed me for it all, now you’re crawling back because the alternatives were worse? I’d be pissed off, reluctant to come back, too,” Hughes explained.

The Jets have three quarterbacks as available options on the 53-man roster with Wilson, Boyle and Siemian.

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