Tim Boyle Delivers Confident Message Ahead of Jets-Dolphins Game

Tim Boyle, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Tim Boyle throwing a pass during an NFL game.

Tim Boyle hasn’t started an NFL football game since 2021 but that is all set to change on Friday, November 24.

The New York Jets quarterback met with the media and displayed a ton of confidence heading into the Week 12 game versus the Miami Dolphins.

“I mean if you ask any quarterback, I think that is the big one [confidence]. You gotta feel like you’re dangerous out there. You can’t go into a play or series thinking with any doubt. So, I think confidence is critical. Going in there feeling like I’m the guy and I’m not going to miss and that’s kind of the focus. Confidence is everything playing quarterback,” Boyle explained to the media on Tuesday, November 21.

“[Being dangerous] is a mindset. Going out there and feeling like you can’t miss. Seeing the coverage, making the correct decisions, and being accurate. I think that’s the culmination of playing quarterback. It’s being on-time, being accurate, and making good decisions.”

Boyle Seems Ready to Prove the Doubters Wrong in 2023

That is a lot of confidence coming from a quarterback that possesses a very uneven resume.

Boyle has only started in three games during his six-year NFL career to date. He is 0-3 in those starts and his statistics are underwhelming.

Boyle has three times as many interceptions (9) as he has touchdowns (3). He is only completing his passes with a 60.8% conversion rate.

Prior to reaching the NFL, Boyle struggled at the college level. During his three years at UConn, Boyle had 13 interceptions to only one touchdown pass. He completed even less of his passes with a 48.4% conversion rate.

“I’ve felt like I’ve always had the ability to play in the NFL. Like you said my college career is my college career, that’s in the past. I’m right where I should be right now. I believe in myself, and other teams have believed in me and truthfully that is all that matters. Accountability is No. 1 at quarterback, and I didn’t play well in college but here I am in year [No.] six in the NFL,” Boyle said.

The Jets are Boyle’s fourth different NFL franchise he has played for since entering the league as an undrafted free agent back in 2018.

Aaron Rodgers Provides Boyle-Jets Scouting Report

Head coach Robert Saleh said Boyle is a “different style of quarterback” than Zach Wilson. He didn’t want to get too much into the particulars for the gamesmanship aspect of not wanting to tip the Dolphins off.

Aaron Rodgers was teammates with Boyle in Green Bay with the Packers. During his weekly appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” he provided a glimpse into what we will see from Boyle in his first start for the Jets.

“If you watched the way that Tim played in the preseason, I think you’d be pretty damn impressed with the way he commanded the offense, the throws that he made, I thought he was accurate, he was anticipatory and did some really good things,” Rodgers said on Tuesday, November 21.

Rodgers also told a funny story about how smart and prepared Boyle is.

“I remember the first time that we were in Green Bay with [Matt] LaFleur’s new staff coming in. The first week there was a test on the formations and stuff but I’m old school west coast. I’m used to a specific set of terms. They’re putting up south, swamp, and stack and all these things. I don’t know what the hell I was just kind of guessing up there. It was one of those tests we had on the iPad and Tim got 100%. I was like what the hell have you been doing? He said studying. So Tim has always been an expert of the offense and all of the intricacies,” Rodgers revealed.

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