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5 Best Pilates Cadillac Reformers

pilates cadillac reformer

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When your traditional Pilates reformer workout starts to feel stale, mix it up with Pilates Cadillac reformer. It’s a worthwhile investment if you want to advance your fitness routine and enjoy a broader range of movements.

Most Cadillac reformers have color-coded springs that can be finely tuned to your specific needs. Extras such as bars, fuzzies, and entire canopies invite you to have fun and mix up your routine while enjoying all the health benefits that Pilates workouts have to offer.

If space is tight, our best Pilates chairs offer a space-saving solution without compromising your workouts.

pilates cadillac
  • Dense EVA foam bed
  • Durable vinyl upholstery
  • Great for rehab and studios
Price: $3,900.00 Shop now at casapilatesequipment.com Shop now Read our review
pilates cadillac
  • Premium quality
  • Adjustable contoured footbar
  • Solid wood frame
Price: $7,290.00 Shop now at casapilatesequipment.com Shop now Read our review
pilates cadillac reformer
  • Great for home studios
  • Compact design
  • Loaded with extras
Price: $4,690.00 Shop now at casapilatesequipment.com Shop now Read our review
pilates cadillac reformer
  • Orthopedic padded cushion
  • Four frame height options
  • Silicon wheels for mobility
Price: $7,790.00 Shop now at casapilatesequipment.com Shop now Read our review
cadillac pilates
  • Twin drop-in mats
  • Padded foot bar
  • Ideal for compact spaces
Price: $5,250.00 Shop now at casapilatesequipment.com Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Merrithew Pilates Cadillac & Trapeze Table

    • Total height can be modified to fit lower ceilings
    • Wide range of available upholstery colors
    • Fully loaded with all straps and springs
    • Can take awhile to assemble
    • Some competitors have more elegant wood frames
    • Doesn't come with a jump board or sitting box

    The highly stable Merrithew Cadillac Trapeze Table is a practical investment for any Pilates or rehabilitation facility. It’s also versatile and works just as well for perfecting basic movements as it does mastering advanced maneuvers.

    Regardless of your skill level, a dense EVA foam offers plenty of support. From gentle stretches to the Walkover, the table adds over 200 exercises to your Pilates routine.

    All the springs and straps you need for your workouts are included. You’ll find two sliding bars with various spring attachment sites to adjust the resistance accordingly.

    This Pilates Cadillac reformer also has two light arm springs with foam grip handles for extra confidence, along with two leg springs with padded long spine straps. A push-through bar with four springs adds even more functionality.

    The solid maple roll-down bar with two springs makes an equally elegant and functional addition to any Pilates routine. You’ll also find sliding bars with spring attachments and a trapeze bar with two springs. A pair of fuzzy hanging straps and a safety chain with a spring clip adjustment round out the long list of extras that are included on this Pilates machine for home use.

    The bed stands 25.5 inches high and 28 inches wide to comfortably accommodate lying, sitting and standing positions. The overall Cadillac dimensions are 89 inches long, 36 inches wide and 83 inches high. If your studio has lower ceilings, you can place a custom order for a modified overall height of 69 inches.

    When you’re making such a big investment for your Pilates studio, you want a quality apparatus that can withstand frequent use. Merrithew uses durable vinyl upholstery, which is also available in a wide range of colors to showcase your personality. This table has a weight capacity of 350 pounds and up to 200 pounds when hanging from the Horizontals.

  2. 2. Peak Pilates Artistry Convertible Cadillac-Reformer

    • Smooth gliding flip carriage for rapid conversions
    • Includes rope and riser package
    • Comes with standard long/short box
    • Only available in black upholstery
    • Jump board isn't included
    • Hefty price tag

    You don’t have to worry about compromising with the Peak Pilates Artisty Convertible Reformer, as you can easily switch between Cadillac and reformer modes. A smooth ultra glide flip carriage facilitates this process.

    This Peak Pilates reformer isn’t cheap, but its premium quality makes it worth the splurge. For starters, the solid wood frame is made in the U.S. and is available in oak or beech wood. Then there’s the sturdy stainless steel pole system with a galvanized canopy to prevent rust.

    A large wooden push-through bar keeps movements predictable and controlled. An included rope and riser package beckons you to take your Pilates workouts to the next level.

    The complete strap system features pairs of foot and hand loops along with an adjustable wraparound strap and a pair of sheepskin hanging straps. You’ll also find a foot strap on the frame in addition to push-through storage and trapeze straps. A complete eight-piece spring set complements your workout routine.

    The contoured footbar adjusts in four positions to better suit different Pilates routines and locks securely in place without interrupting your movements. Included artistry twin workout mats enhance your workouts in mat or tower modes.

    With total measurements of 90 inches long, 27 inches wide and 81 inches high, this reformer is spacious enough for all positions. The table stands 24 inches tall.

  3. 3. Private Pilates Premium Wood Cadillac-Reformer Combo

    • Shorter frame height makes reformer mode more comfortable
    • Made with high-quality stainless steel
    • Sturdy and gorgeous beechwood frame
    • Quite heavy for moving around
    • Compact design could make taller users feel restricted
    • Only available in black upholstery

    Setting up the home Pilates studio of your dreams is now a reality with this space-saving Private Pilates reformer combo. The Cadillac-reformer bundle is a more affordable alternative to some of its pricier competitors yet doesn’t compromise when it comes to overall quality.

    All metal components are made using high-quality stainless steel. The reformer’s sturdy beechwood frame keeps you feeling confident and secure while instantly elevating your home studio.

    Don’t worry if you don’t have enough room for a standard Cadillac reformer, as this apparatus is designed exclusively for smaller spaces. A frame height of just 13 inches makes this reformer a more comfortable choice when used in reformer mode. For reference, the typical Cadillac height is between 22 and 24 inches.

    There’s an equally important emphasis on safety, including a foot bar with a distinctive honeycomb structure to keep feet from sliding.

    This reformer comes loaded with extra Pilates reformer accessories for the price, including a jump board, sitting box, trapeze, push-through bar, roll-down bar and more. You’ll also find five reformer springs and an assortment of color-coded Cadillac springs.

  4. 4. BASI Systems Cadillac-Reformer Combo

    • Industry-leading carriage length and width
    • Can be used as a reformer, reformer with tower, Cadillac and raised mat
    • Five footbar angle options
    • Jumpboard isn't included
    • Heavy to move
    • Only available with black upholstery

    The BASI Systems Cadillac-Reformer Combo greatly expands your Pilates workouts since it can be used as a tower or Cadillac. Although it has full tower capabilities, you can also covert this reformer to a half tower if desired. If you want to expand your workouts even more, four prepared ports easily accept an F2 System upgrade.

    Some reformers are better for compact spaces but can leave you feeling cramped and unable to fully execute your favorite moves. The carriage on this reformer combo measures 31 inches long and 27.5 inches wide for unrestricted movements. A padded cushion extends the width of the frame to give you more space. You can also choose between several different frame heights from eight to 24 inches to accommodate home or studio spaces.

    An included insert mat lets you seamlessly convert to a Cadillac for complete trapeze functionality for hanging movements and other exercises. This reformer is fully adjustable, including its footbar with five angle options. Each spring also has three gear options for multiple resistance workout combinations.

    Separate color-coded springs for the reformer and trapeze are included to boost your workouts. You can also adjust the headrest and shoulder rests.

    Another feature that’s unique to this BASI reformer is its Enhanced Pulley System, which gives you finely tuned control over the pulley angle and height.

    Integrated silicon wheels make it easier to maneuver this heavy-duty reformer if necessary. The reformer weighs 317 to 337 pounds without the mat conversion.

  5. 5. ELINA PILATES Elite Cadillac-Reformer Bundle

    • Elegant Canadian maple wood finish
    • Includes a reformer box and jump board
    • Standing platform with non-slip surface
    • Custom upholstery can take up to 60 days
    • Quite heavy for a compact reformer
    • Doesn't have transport wheels

    The Elite Cadillac-Reformer from ELINA PILATES smoothly converts from a commercial-grade Cadillac to a studio reformer, making it a practical investment for commercial and home use. If you have room, consider pairing this reformer with a Pilates spine corrector for a complete set.

    A carriage height of 24 inches and bed height of 22 inches makes this reformer slightly more compact than the Elina Pilates Cadillac, which is also designed for home and private studio use. In contrast, the Elina Pilates Cadillac has a 94-inch trapeze height and a bed that stands 24 inches tall. These measurements might not sound like much inside a commercial setting, but if you’re shopping for a home studio with limited space, those few inches could make a big difference.

    Each component is thoughtfully designed with home users in mind. For example, the included twin mats to convert the apparatus from reformer to Cadillac can be handled by one person. The shoulder rests are removable and adjustable and have a quick-release mechanism. An included non-slip standing platform expands your repertoire even more.

    For the trapeze portion, you’ll find a push-through bar that’s adjustable to three heights and a padded trapeze bar with springs. The reformer also includes an assortment of color-coded springs along with a reformer box and jump board.

What Is a Cadillac Reformer?

Joseph Pilate's aptly named Cadillac is regarded with the same level of admiration and prestige as the iconic car brand. Although it wasn't officially named until the 1940s, the concept dates back to World War I, when Joseph Pilates attached bed springs to patients' beds to build strength and movement.

This concept has evolved over time, but even the best Pilates Cadillac reformers on the market today are loaded with an assortment of springs to strengthen major muscle groups throughout your body.

Cadillac reformers are often pricer than traditional Pilates reformers, but they can greatly expand your repertoire. Older clients and those with limited mobility will have an easier time getting on and off the reformer, as its carriage sits higher off the ground. You can also fine-tune the springs to match your current strength and skill levels.

What Is the Cadillac in Pilates?

The Pilates Cadillac is an imposing piece of equipment that resembles a small bed with a frame. It's actually much easier to use than it looks, and is well suited for new students and older clients.

Add-ons such as arm and leg springs and push-through bars target just about every major muscle group throughout your body. You can also elevate your workout -- literally -- with the canopy top, which is great for walkovers, inversions and other fun acrobatic moves.

Is the Pilates Reformer a Good Workout?

One of the biggest advantages of a Pilates workout is that don't push your body to the brink of exhaustion, as you might with an indoor cycling or treadmill workout.

According to Better Health Channel, performing a low-repetition Pilates sequence in 45 to 90 minutes can do wonders for improving your flexibility, toning and strengthening muscles, rehabilitating certain injuries and more.

Equipment-based Pilates provides even more opportunity to target different muscles and work with various resistance levels. The best Pilates Cadillac reformers for home and studio use come fully loaded with numerous springs, bars and other accessories to challenge your body in new ways and make you an even fitter athlete.

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