9 Best Pilates Chairs for Home Use

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Pilates chairs tend to be much lighter and more compact than reformers, yet work just as well for sculpting and toning your body. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking for a new challenge, check out our best Pilates chairs for your home or studio.

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best pilates chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Smooth vinyl seat
  • Split-step pedal system
  • Good for all user levels
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pilates chair
  • Split-pedal design
  • Easily removable handles
  • Non-slip seat cover
Price: $1,490.00 Shop now at casapilatesequipment.com Shop now Read our review
wunda chair
  • Split pedal design
  • Non-slip surface
  • Silicon wheels for easy transport
Price: $1,645.00 Shop now at Pilates Direct Shop now Read our review
pilates chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Transport wheels
  • Compact
  • Workout DVD included
Price: $1,599.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
pilates chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Optional handles
  • High back
  • Classic size
Price: $1,095.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
pilates chair
  • Orthopedic padded cushion
  • Sturdy beech wood frame
  • Non-slip vinyl surface
Price: $3,990.00 Shop now at Pilates Direct Shop now Read our review
pilates chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for all levels
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Single and split pedals
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best pilates chairs Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Compact
  • Stacks for storage
  • Stylish oak material
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Life’s A Beach Pilates PRO Chair

    • Ideal for whole-body workouts
    • Easily adjust resistance levels using the spring system
    • Comes with several workout DVDs
    • Only has two resistance levels
    • Tension springs can be tricky to adjust
    • Rubber handles are prone to tearing

    Work out your upper and low body separately or together using this Pilates chair, which features an innovative split-pedal system to maximize your workouts. You can also easily adjust resistance levels using the spring system, which makes this Pilates chair equally suitable for beginners and advanced users.

    You can use the chair for more than just Pilates, though, as it’s ideal for ab workouts, resistance bands, yoga and more. Several instructional DVDs are included. You’ll also find an instructional poster to use as a quick reference guide.

    The seat is made with smooth vinyl material for your comfort. This Pilates chair comes in several colors and supports up to 300 pounds.

  2. 2. Elina Pilates Elite Wood Stability Chair

    • Locking slider underneath the pedals
    • Integrated transport wheels
    • Handles are height adjustable
    • A bit cumbersome to transport
    • Only has two spring strengths
    • Handles aren't non-slip

    This Elina Pilates Wunda chair features a split-pedal design that lets you use the pedals individually or together during workouts. A locking slider beneath the pedals makes it easy to switch between modes.

    The handles are also fully adjustable, and you can choose between four spring positions and two spring strengths to find a suitable resistance level. There are two medium and two heavy springs to cater to your specific workouts.

    You can easily remove the handles just by twisting and pulling them. The handles are also height adjustable between 44, 47 and 50 inches. The handles are covered with strong and comfortable foam material.

    Not only is the seat board covered with non-slip leather, it’s also specifically designed to withstand Pilates workouts. This chair ships fully assembled.



  3. 3. BASI Systems Wunda Chair

    • Prepared ports to accommodate an F2 System upgrade
    • Handles have four locking positions
    • Adjustable spring and handle height settings
    • Handles are a bit small
    • Relatively bulky for storage
    • A bit heavy for transporting

    An innovative split pedal design is equally comfortable while increasing the range of motion for your favorite movements. This Wunda chair has orthopedic grips for the pedals, seat and handles, along with a non-slip surface for your safety.

    Not only are the handles removable, they also feature four locking positions. You can also fine-tune the spring and handle height settings by making some easy adjustments.

    The Wunda chair has prepared ports to accommodate an F2 System upgrade.

  4. 4. Stott Pilates Split-Pedal Stability Chair

    • Springs can be easily swapped out
    • Great for upper and lower body workouts
    • Pedals have soft foam cushioning
    • Some competitors have a longer warranty
    • Handles are a bit small
    • Requires assembly

    The possibilities seem virtually endless with this Pilates chair, as you can use it when lying down, sitting or standing. Not only are the handles fully adjustable, you can also easily add and remove them as needed for moves such as dips and lunges.

    This split-pedal stability chair provides rewarding upper and lower body workouts and is compact enough to be used in small spaces. In fact, you can use and store the chair in your home, gym or studio without worrying about taking up too much room.

    An included DVD provides several essential and intermediate-level exercises. When the workout is over, built-in wheels make it easy to move and store the chair.

  5. 5. Balanced Body Wunda Chair

    • Exclusive resistance system for quick and easy spring changes
    • Especially designed for small living spaces
    • Generous 10-year limited warranty
    • Only comes with two springs
    • Doesn't have a split-pedal option
    • Lacks handles

    As your fitness progresses, you can expand your workout with this Wunda chair’s high back and optional handles. You can also add cushions (purchased separately) to turn the chair into a workable addition to a small living space.

    This single-pedal chair features plenty of padding and non-slip material for your safety. It’s also outfitted with Balanced Body’s exclusive Cactus Resistance System for quick and safe spring changes.

    The chair comes with two springs, each of which has four resistance positions for a total of 83 pounds of resistance. Cut-out handles add an extra element of security. The seat is covered with durable upholstery.

  6. 6. BASI Systems Armchair Barrel Set

    • Long track for expanded movements
    • Handles can be used as levers for weight-bearing exercises
    • Flat-top saddle accessory
    • A bit bulky
    • Not the easiest to store
    • Quite heavy for moving around

    This armchair barrel set makes a comprehensive addition to your home Pilates gym. Highlights include an orthopedic padded cushion with a curved design for maximum comfort and a long track for expanded movements.

    A non-slip vinyl surface lets you confidently work through movements without slipping. A flat-top saddle accessory makes it easy to switch between flat-top and curved options.

    If this setup isn’t enough, you can attach springs at various resistance levels and angles for an even more comprehensive workout. You can also use the levers as handles to position your shoulders and wrists for weight-bearing exercises.

    The platform is made with a sturdy beech wood frame for durability. Along with the armchair barrel, the set also includes a ladder, standing platform, saddle and armchair box.

  7. 7. Balanced Body Combo Chair with Handles

    • Springs can be changed quickly and easily
    • Durable seat upholstery
    • Designed for use with a trapeze table
    • Quite heavy
    • Lacks transport wheels
    • Only comes in one color

    With up to 90 pounds of resistance, this Balanced Body Pilates chair truly offers something for everyone. You can choose to stick with the lighter resistance settings if you’re just starting out or are looking for a less taxing workout, or kick it up a notch by going heavy on the resistance.

    Spring changes can also be done quickly and easily, so you can stay focused on your workout. The handles are height-adjustable to three settings and lock into place for added stability.

    You can choose between single and split pedals depending on what’s best for you. An included finished dowel lets you switch to a single pedal.

    The seat is padded for your comfort and features a durable upholstery. This chair is just the right height to use with a trapeze table if you prefer.

    If you don’t need handles, the Balanced Body EXO Chair is otherwise very similar and won’t set you back as much.

  8. 8. Yihome Pilates Fitness Chair

    • Adjusts to eight resistance levels
    • Ideal for a variety of workouts
    • Durable stainless steel tubes
    • A bit heavy
    • Doesn't have handles
    • Only has two springs

    If you can overlook the fact that it doesn’t have handles, the Yihome Pilates Fitness Chair is an appealing choice for its overall value. For starters, it’s equipped with two springs and is adjustable to eight resistance levels. You can also quickly and easily replace the springs to adjust the resistance levels.

    Aside from Pilates, you can use the chair for cardio, ab workouts and more. A combination of oak and stainless steel tubing makes the chair a dependable choice for any home gym or studio.

Which Is the Best Pilates Chair for Home Use?

When it comes to Pilates equipment, chairs only require a fraction of the space that reformers and larger pieces of equipment command. You can also get in a great workout, even if you're already in great shape. The best Pilates chair for home use has the necessary amount of resistance and features for your workouts.

The average Pilates chair stands roughly two feet tall and is well suited for smaller home gyms and living spaces. Don't be fooled by its smaller size, as you can still enjoy a rewarding full-body workout on a Pilates chair.

In many cases, you can choose to sit, lie down or stand on the chair to work out various parts of your body. Most chairs are designed to work out your upper and lower body as well as your core.

What Is a Wunda Chair?

According to Pilates Nosara, the original Wunda Chair was designed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1930s. Not only was the chair a very basic seat with a pedal and attached springs for resistance, it was designed to double as a living room chair as needed.

While Pilates initially created the chair as an alternative for those who were away from his studio during the summer months, it's becoming increasingly recognized as an essential piece of Pilates equipment.

Not only is the chair much more compact than other Pilates equipment, it's also quite versatile and can be done seated, standing or lying down.

What Is the Best Pilates Equipment?

If you're looking to add to your home gym or studio, a Pilates chair is just one option. A Pilates reformer requires more space but can make an equally rewarding addition to your studio or home gym.

According to Jenny Tate Pilates, reformers allow you to exercise in a more horizontal position, while chairs are designed more for exercises in a vertical position. However, both types of equipment are equally suited for that challenging full-body workout you're looking for in a session.

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