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11 Best Pilates Reformers for Home Fitness

best pilates reformer

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Want the benefits of a Pilates workout at home, without the inconvenience and expense of a traditional studio experience? Then consider one of these best Pilates reformers for home fitness. We’ve hand-picked options for every budget and ability, whether you’re a total beginner or highly experienced.

Reformers aren’t quite as compact and portable as Pilates chairs, but both popular pieces of equipment provide a great full-body workout. Need more room to practice your moves? Browse our best Pilates Cadillac reformers.

best pilates reformer
  • Designed for home use
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Full studio height
Price: $2,290.00 Shop now at Casa Pilates Shop now Read our review
aero pilates machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Doesn't require extra equipment
  • Has a cardio rebounder
  • Folds for storage
Price: $449.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
balanced body pilates reformer
  • Frame folds in seconds
  • Easy to adjust
  • Quiet operation
Price: $1,995.00 Shop now at Balanced Body Shop now Read our review
best pilates reformer for home
  • Six resistance level
  • Fully adjustable
  • Great for taller users
Price: $3,390.00 Shop now at Casa Pilates Shop now Read our review
pilates reformer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great starter kit for home studios
  • Comes with a reformer box
  • Easily adjustable
Price: $3,199.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
home pilates reformer
  • Studio-quality construction
  • Upscale chrome accents
  • Made with original hornbeam
Price: $4,195.00 Shop now at Pilates Connector Shop now Read our review
best pilates reformer for home
  • Space-saving design
  • Five color-coded resistance springs
  • Highly adjustable
Price: $3,290.00 Shop now at Casa Pilates Shop now Read our review
pilates reformer machine
  • Reformer and Cadillac in one
  • Innovative retractable rope system
  • Studio-quality workouts at home
Price: $5,690.00 Shop now at Casa Pilates Shop now Read our review
best pilates reformer
  • Designed for small spaces
  • Adjustable
  • Non-slip pad
Price: $2,975.00 Shop now at Pilates Direct Shop now Read our review
best pilates reformer
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Industrial design
  • Wide range of resistance levels
Price: $4,390.00 Shop now at Casa Pilates Shop now Read our review
pilates machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Compact
  • Multiple resistance settings
  • Ideal for all levels
Price: $599.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Peak Pilates Casa Reformer

    • Lightweight compared to other home reformers
    • Can be enhanced with an optional jumpboard
    • User-friendly one-hand gearbar
    • Can take awhile to assemble
    • Risers aren't adjustable
    • Some competitors have quicker spring adjustments

    The best home reformer is well-equipped yet affordable, which is why we’ve chosen the Peak Pilates Casa Reformer as our top pick. Peak Casa is lightweight and versatile, making it ideal for apartments and home gyms with limited space. It’s great for beginners and is also challenging for serious athletes, and it’s a machine that you can grow into.

    While it requires more room than your average Pilates chair, this reformer is small enough for home use. Don’t be fooled by its smaller size, though, since Casa is full studio height and comes with many accessories for a rewarding home workout.

    This apparatus features a durable powder-coated aluminum frame along with a locking footbar for safety. A standard long/short box is also included. You can also add the optional jumpboard for more advanced workouts.

    Whether you’re using the reformer exclusively or are sharing it with others, you can adjust the headrest, gearbar and other components to fit everyone. This reformer also comes with a five-spring color-coded system and easy rope adjustments.

    Non-slip grip pads on the standing platform keep you safe during workouts. 

  2. 2. RUNNER UP: AeroPilates Home Studio Reformer 393

    • Has four resistance cords
    • Easily customizable resistance levels
    • Comes with 5 workout DVDs
    • Doesn't come with a stand
    • Has fewer resistance options than some competitors
    • Sits low to the ground

    You don’t need any extra equipment or accessories to use the AeroPilates Home Studio Reformer 393. It’s a great choice if you want to stay completely focused on pure Pilates movements. A cardio rebounder is included to help strengthen your pelvic floor and burn more calories while lying down.

    This compact Pilates reformer has four resistance cords, ranging from light to heavy. You can easily switch between them to target different muscle groups for more effective workouts. You can also add the padded foot bar to practice traditional Pilates moves.

    To keep you comfortable and supported, this machine has a padded headrest and high-density foam shoulder pads. It also keeps your head and shoulders properly aligned to keep your form in check.

    Not sure where to start? Check out the included DVDs for suggestions. Options include a basic workout, total body toning, fat burning and strength and stamina.

    This reformer supports up to 300 pounds. It also folds to maximize your living space.

  3. 3. Best for Small Spaces: Balanced Body Metro IQ Reformer

    • Slides under the bed or stands upright in a closet
    • Studio-level features at an affordable price
    • Easier to maintain than upholstered pieces
    • Doesn't have a stand
    • Low height can be challenging for those with mobility issues
    • Springs aren't heavy resistance

    If you’re short on space and time, check out the Balanced Body Metro IQ Reformer. It sets up in seconds and can be quickly moved out of the way when you’re finished. This makes it really convenient for anyone in an apartment or condo. It’s ultra-portable, with a telescoping frame and lever locks that shorten for storage and lengthen when you’re ready for a workout.

    Depending on your needs, you can choose between wheelbarrow and library transport wheels. The wheels aren’t interchangeable, but the wheelbarrow transport wheels are best if you plan on sliding the Metro IQ under your bed. Need to store it upright in a closet? The library transport wheels are your best bet.

    Weighing just 85 pounds, it’s easier to move this Pilates reformer than most. Frame handles provide a secure and stable grip when it’s time to move the reformer.

    Despite its compact size, there’s plenty of room for rewarding full-body workouts. The IQ spans 98 inches long when fully extended and has a 5.5-inch wide non-skid standing platform, which is about an inch wider than most.

    You get plenty of bang for your buck in terms of accessories, as the reformer comes with a footbar, safety-rated climbing ropes and easily adjustable cotton loops. You’ll also find five springs, including very light, light and medium resistance levels. The headrest adjusts to three positions for maximum cervical support.

  4. 4. Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer Bundle

    • Stacks for easy storage in small spaces
    • High-quality maple wood frame
    • Has an integrated tower anchoring system
    • Longer carriage can take some getting used to
    • Doesn't come with leather hand straps
    • White glove service is extra

    The Elina Pilates Elite Wood Reformer Bundle is an entry-level choice for your home Pilates studio, complete with six color-coded springs of various resistance levels. A quiet rolling mechanism makes it easier to complete workouts in shared living spaces.

    This fully adjustable reformer can be configured in many different ways. The foot bar quickly changes into six positions, while the removable shoulder blocks adjust into four positions. There’s also a gear bar with four distinct positions.

    If you’re taller, you’ll appreciate the full eight additional inches in length compared to the standard Elina wood reformer. The Elite reformer also sits three inches higher off the ground and is 30 inches wide for maximum comfort.

    This stackable reformer is a must for cramped studios.

    In addition to the reformer, you’ll also find a padded jump board, padded standing platform extender and a reformer box.

  5. 5. Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Bundle

    • Durable vinyl designed for frequent, intense use
    • Smooth rolling mechanism for friction-free ride
    • Noise-reducing neoprene spring covers
    • Not stackable
    • Shoulder rests can't be removed
    • Can't add a vertical frame

    When you can’t make it to class, bring the studio experience to your home with the Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Bundle, which has all the essentials (and more) for a home workouts.

    Highlights include five high-tension performance springs, with four full-tension and one half-tension spring, along with extra-thick foam cushioning for maximum comfort during workouts. You’ll also find a reformer box and a metal roll-up pole.

    The reformer’s durable vinyl upholstery withstands frequent, high-intensity use. Sleek aluminum rails keep the carriage gliding smoothly, while the rolling mechanism delivers a friction-free experience.

    From intricate footwork to full body workouts, you can do it all on this machine with three gearbox positions, three headrest positions, four footbar positions and six carriage stopping positions. The included reformer box means you might not have to splurge on additional Pilates reformer accessories.

    The robust wooden standing platform provides a stable and secure surface for your favorite Pilates moves. It can’t be stacked or upgraded to a vertical frame, however. This reformer also doesn’t have removable shoulder rests. 

    Working out at home just got easier with features such as a padded platform extender along with double loop straps. Neoprene spring covers minimize noise. A workout DVD is included to help you get started, along with a beginner-friendly poster.

  6. 6. Sportline Superior Reformer Bundle

    • Can add a tower system or Cadillac
    • Bundles includes a sitting box and jump board
    • Customizable neck angles and spring resistance
    • Can take awhile to assemble
    • Frame doesn't fold
    • May require two people to move

    The Sportline Superior Reformer Bundle is more than just a high-quality reformer. You’ll also receive a jump board and sitting box, which makes this bundle an even better deal for home workouts.

    In addition to the jump board and sitting box, you’ll get a pair of ropes, soft hand straps, handgrips and two carabiners. This studio-quality reformer has five color-coded springs that can be easily adjusted.

    You can quickly make changes before workouts or on the fly with adjustable spring resistance and customizable neck angles. Other notable features include a comfortable padded footbar and a durable,  supportive platform.

    Even if you prefer substance over style, it’s hard not to notice this reformer’s simple but upscale chrome accents. The Sportline Superior features original hornbeam and premium vinyl-coated leather. The handles are thoughtfully designed with a unique fabric that’s comfortable and easy to grip.

    While this reformer bundle has a lot to offer, you can take your workouts to the next level by adding a tower system. You can also purchase an upgraded version to support a Pilates Cadillac.

  7. 7. Peak Pilates MVe Reformer with Optional Tower

    • Durable powder-coated aluminum frame
    • Retractable handles for maneuvering
    • Can be upgraded with a full tower system
    • Only comes in black
    • A bit heavy
    • Tower is sold separately

    The Peak Pilates MVe Reformer stacks to save space when necessary, making it a practical choice for home use. Even better, you don’t need to remove the legs or other components.

    Despite its space-saving design, this precision-built aluminum reformer is durable and even accommodates a tower for more advanced workouts.

    The fact that it’s adjustable makes the MVe Reformer suitable for all skill levels. You’ll find a three-position headrest, four-position footbar, four-position gear system and more. A color-coded five spring system offers light to heavy resistance.

    This Pilates reformer is equipped with all the essentials and more for rewarding home workouts, including retractable shoulder blocks and risers, adjustable ropes and double loops. A non-slip pad keeps you safe during workouts.

  8. 8. Merrithew SPX Max Plus Reformer

    • Adjustable in multiple ways, including three headrest positions and four footbar positions
    • Thick wooden standing platform for durability
    • Reformer is stackable with the frame removed
    • Doesn't include written exercise explanations
    • Vertical tower is sold separately
    • Doesn't come with a jumpboard or reformer box

    If you’re looking for the ultimate at-home workout, the Merrithew SPX Max Plus Reformer delivers with its distinctive retractable rope system, traveling pulleys and other premium features. Choose between various resistance angles to target different muscle groups and get that studio-quality experience at home.

    This bundle provides you with a reformer and Cadillac in one and caters to all fitness levels and workout goals. Despite all that it has to offer, the SPX Max Plus requires a minimal amount of space. Depending on the size of your home studio, you can add an accessory such as a Pilates spine corrector for a complete setup.

    Highlights include recoiling rope reels for easy adjustments, durable aluminum rails for effortless gliding and enhanced springs to withstand frequent, heavy use.

    This home Pilates reformer also has multiple available positions, including three headrest and four footbar positions, along with multiple gearbar and carriage stopping positions. Features such as a thick wooden standing platform and pommel-style shoulder rests ensure the equipment will hold up over time. The SPX Max Plus accommodates a wide range of user heights, from 4’8″ to 6’4″.

    When you’re done with your workout you can remove the frame to stack the reformer. It also has built-in wheels for easy transport and storage.

    A more basic and affordable alternative is the Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Bundle.


  9. 9. Peak Pilates fit Reformer

    • Can add a jump board
    • Same height as most studio reformers
    • Powder coated aluminum frame
    • Only available with black upholstery
    • A bit heavy for transporting
    • No padded foot bar

    Finding a Pilates reformer that can actually fit into your apartment or small home studio can be a chore, but the Peak Pilates fit Reformer is ideal for cramped spaces.

    Despite its smaller size, this apparatus measures 16 inches high, which is what you’ll find in most professional studios. It also comes with everything you need to crush your workouts, including a locking foot bar, multi-position one-hand gear bar and an alignment graphic. You can even add a jump board to the built-in side-split platform to boost your workouts.

    It may be compact, but this reformer is fully adjustable and comes with adjustable ropes, a three-position headrest and a four-position foot bar. You’ll also find double loops and a non-slip pad for extra security. A five-spring system provides plenty of resistance with two light, two medium and one heavy spring.

  10. 10. IM=X Xercizer Heavy-Duty Pilates Reformer

    • Great for men and larger athletes
    • Removable shoulder and lumbar support
    • Larger carriage is spacious enough for most movements
    • Quite heavy and challenging to move
    • Doesn't have transport wheels
    • Only comes in one color

    If you’re looking for a reformer that’s designed for heavy use, the IM=X Xercizer Heavy-Duty Pilates Reformer is a worthy investment. Industrial-strength materials — a mix of steel, aluminum and high-end parts — make this reformer well suited for home and studio use. Whether your goal is to keep up with your fitness routine or explore new movements, you can do it all on this machine.

    Compared to the original Pilates reformer, this updated version features a highly durable industrial design and is even more functional than the outgoing model. An assortment of five color-coded springs ensures you have everything you need to work on your favorite Pilates sequences in the comfort of your home.

    This reformer comes with several accessories to further customize your workouts, including removable shoulder and lumbar supports to mix up your fitness routine. The shoulder rolls have four distinct settings and can be adjusted to wider and taller heights. You can also remove them completely and replace them with lumbar support for your back.

    Hand and foot straps are included, along with ropes and handles for virtually unlimited movements. Instead of wasting precious time working on transitions, simply twist and remove the hand or foot straps and replace them as needed to target your upper and lower body. You can easily shorten and lengthen the ropes as needed.

    An adjustable footbar with three settings allows you to find the appropriate setting for your height and preferred amount of knee flexion. Sitting directly behind the footbar is the jumpboard, which is great for working on dynamic lower body movements. This board also adjusts in three ways and can be removed entirely if needed.

    The carriage stands 14 inches high and is 102 inches long for unrestricted sequences. All of this extra weight and heft means the Xercizer is larger and heavier than many other home Pilates reformers, which is something to consider if you’re working with limited space.

    Some assembly is required once the reformer arrives, although the entire process should take about 15 minutes with two people. You’ll find an included toolkit and detailed instructions to complete the job.

  11. 11. Pilates Power Gym Pro

    • Suitable for users up to 6'4"
    • Comes with three DVDs
    • Built-in wheels for storage
    • Doesn't glide as smoothly as some higher-end models
    • Foot straps feel flimsy
    • Limited rebound

    Pilates Power Gym Pro is a mini reformer that’s just the right size for many home gyms. Despite its compact size, the reformer can hold up to 300 pounds and fits users up to 6’4″. It’s also versatile and has multiple resistance settings, with several incline levels and power cords. This reformer caters equally to beginners and more advanced athletes.

    If you’re new to Pilates, pop in the included DVD for beginners to get started. Two additional DVDs are available if you need some extra guidance. Built-in wheels make it easier to transport and move this Pilates machine out of the way.

How Do I Choose a Pilates Reformer for My Home?

One of the most renowned pieces of Pilates equipment is the reformer. According to Club Pilates, the reformer is considered one of the original pieces of Pilates equipment and is named after founder Joseph Pilates.

Choosing a Pilates reformer for your home can seem like a daunting task, especially if you're relatively new to Pilates. With such a wide variety in prices, budget is often one of the biggest factors for shoppers.

If you're looking to mimic your favorite studio reformers, be prepared to spend more than you would on a more basic model. Want to expand your fitness routine? Consider adding a jump board, rebounder and other Pilates reformer accessories.

Which Is the Best Home Pilates Reformer?

Portable Pilates reformer machines are becoming increasingly popular in home gyms, and are designed to mimic the equipment you'll find in many classes. While there are variations among reformers, each machine has several standard components.

The first is the carriage, which is essentially a moving platform. It's attached with a set of springs so that you can quickly customize the amount of resistance for each move. You'll also find long straps with handles for upper and lower body exercises.

Most Pilates reformer machines adjust to accommodate different body sizes and types. Pilates is a full-body workout that provides numerous benefits, making a reformer a meaningful addition to your home gym. Most notably, it tones the abs, back, arms and legs. Fitness Magazine suggests that Pilates can also ease back pain, especially in those who suffer from chronic lower back pain. It's also easy on the joints and can improve flexibility.

What Is the Best Home Pilates Reformer to Buy?

Buying a home Pilates reformer means parting with your hard-earned cash, so you'll want to understand exactly what you're getting for your money.

One of our favorites is the Peak Pilates Casa Reformer. It's one of the few home reformers that sits at full studio height, so your range of motion isn't compromised. However, that also means it isn't the most compact machine on our list.

If space is tight, check out the AeroPilates 700 Premier Reformer. It folds and has transport wheels to move it out of the way, making it a sensible choice for apartments, studios and small gyms.

The Cadillac is a versatile piece of Pilates equipment that can elevate your home workouts to new levels. It's sometimes referred to as a trapeze and is often accompanied by straps along with arm and leg springs.

If you think a Pilates Cadillac reformer is right for you, consider the AeroPilates Reformer 610 with Cadillac, Peak PilatesSystem PPS Deluxe or the Pilates Cadillac Reformer. Both are sturdy and packed with extras to improve your fitness.

Whether space is an issue or you're looking to create a full Pilates home studio, we highly recommend checking out our best Pilates chairs for home use. These chairs don't take up nearly as much space as your average reformer, but they offer a highly effective way to work out your whole body.

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