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11 Best Pilates Spine Correctors

pilates spine corrector

A Pilates spine corrector is a valuable piece of equipment for your home or studio, especially if you’re tired of dealing with a sore, achy back. Some are designed to be used as free-standing units, while others pair nicely with a Pilates reformer to give you a rewarding workout.

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pilates spine corrector Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comfortable padded top
  • Durable wood construction
  • Supportive foam material
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pilates spine corrector Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Baltic birch panels
  • Attractive maple handles
  • Slanted platform
Price: $559.54 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
pilates spine corrector
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable
  • Ships with prepared ports
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pilates spine corrector Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Ergonomic design
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pilates spine corrector
  • Abrasion-resistant vinyl
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for all levels
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pilates spine corrector Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Padded
  • Durable vinyl upholstery
  • Carrying handle included
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pilates spine correctors Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Distinct curves suit various body types
  • Can be used on both sides
  • Constructed with heavy-duty foam
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pilates spine corrector Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for injury rehab
  • Upscale wood panels
  • Contoured handles
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pilates spine corrector Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Gently stretches the spine
  • Durable foam material
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pilates spine corrector Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Versatile
  • Durable EPP material
  • Corrects poor posture
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Stamina AeroPilates Spine Corrector

    • Comes with a 20-minute workout DVD
    • Carrying handle for easier portability
    • Helps open up the chest
    • Only comes in one size
    • Some complaints of the wood barrel cracking under pressure
    • Lacks cutouts for hands

    The Stamina AeroPilates Spine Corrector stands out for its overall value, from its durable wooden construction to the included 20-minute workout DVD. Whether you’re stretching or strengthening you’ll appreciate the padded top, which makes the entire experience more comfortable.

    A carrying handle is also included if you need to move the corrector out of the way. It’s labeled as a spine corrector barrel, but you can use this handy Pilates tool to open and strengthen the chest, abdominal and shoulder muscles.

    Whether your spine is out of alignment because of poor posture or aging, the corrector can help align your spine.

  2. 2. STOTT PILATES Merrithew Spine Corrector

    • Comfortable and supportive foam padding
    • Ideal for mobilizing and aligning the spine
    • Stretches and strengthens the whole body
    • Doesn't include a DVD
    • Requires some assembly
    • Lacks wood cutouts

    Although the STOTT PILATES Merrithew Spine Corrector aligns and mobilizes the spine, it does more than just benefit your back. When used correctly this Pilates tool also stretches and strengthens the legs, back, torso and shoulders.

    Whether you’re using it or setting it aside until next time, the corrector’s attractive Baltic Birch panels give it an upscale appearance. It’s also outfitted with maple handles. The arc is also outfitted with EVA foam padding for added comfort and support.

    Whether you’re stretching, strengthening or both the slanted platform allows you to perform a wider range of movements.

  3. 3. BASI Systems Spine Corrector with F2 System

    • Comes with a full accessory package
    • Levers double as handles for added support
    • Precise spring angle and resistance settings
    • Requires some assembly
    • A bit heavy
    • Only comes with yellow springs

    Boost your home Pilates routine with the BASI Systems Spine Corrector with F2 System. This spine corrector is highly versatile and offers a wide range of spring angle and resistance settings. You can even attach the springs to various ports on your other home Pilates equipment, such as a reformer, barrel or chair.

    Built-in levers double as handles to better support your wrists and shoulders, especially during weight-bearing exercises. The entire accessory package includes yellow springs, carabiners and neoprene handles. You can also purchase the pieces separately.

  4. 4. balanced body Pilates Arc

    • Can be used in conjunction with a reformer
    • Also works for balance training and strengthening
    • Fits most body types
    • High shipping costs
    • Only available in one size
    • Lacks classy wood accents

    The versatile balanced body Pilates Arc can be used on its own or combined with a balanced body reformer. On its own, the arc opens up the back and helps to realign the spine.

    However, using it in conjunction with the reformer provides additional balance and stability. You can comfortably stretch the spine without going too far, as this arc features a comfortable gentle curve. It even comes with three slots that can be used with shoulder rests if desired.

    When you’re done with your spine you can simply take out the detachable wedge and turn the arc to the other side for balance training and strengthening. With a total weight of just four pounds, you also don’t have to worry about not being able to move this Pilates corrector when you’re finished.

  5. 5. Peak Pilates Premier Spine Corrector

    • Patent-pending rotating alignment handles
    • Extra slots for easier transporting
    • Solid American hardwood and Baltic Birch construction
    • Only comes in one size
    • Lacks carrying handles
    • A bit bulky for storage

    The hallmark feature of the Peak Pilates Premier Spine Corrector is its rotating alignment handles, which keep the wrist, elbow and arm properly aligned. Openings in the frame act as additional hand placements for a wider range of movements.

    As an added bonus, these additional slots make it easier to move the spine corrector as needed. The side handles also sit flush to allow you to stack the correctors for storage if necessary.

    Standard black upholstery gives the barrel a clean and modern appearance, as does its combination of solid American hardwood and Baltic Birch construction. The vinyl is also abrasion resistant and cleans up easily.

  6. 6. AeroPilates Precision Series Spine Corrector

    • Restores natural spine curvature
    • Comes with two expert-guided workout videos
    • Tones core stabilizer muscles
    • Only comes in one color
    • One year limited warranty
    • Doesn't include other attachments

    The AeroPilates Precision Series Spine Corrector opens up the chest to help correct spine curvature. By performing your favorite exercises on this spine corrector, you’ll strengthen your back, abs and shoulder muscles to restore your spine’s natural curve. Opening the chest naturally straightens your shoulders and can reduce the effects of poor posture.

    There’s more to this spine corrector than improved posture, as it also tones core stabilizer muscles. A padded, upholstered surface makes this spine corrector a comfortable choice for your workouts.

    If you’re not sure where to start, check out the available online workout videos complete with expert guidance. An integrated carrying handle makes it easy to transport and store this spine corrector.

  7. 7. Real Relax Pilates Spine Corrector

    • Restores the spine's natural curvature
    • Ideal for strengthening and balancing moves
    • Designed for Pilates, yoga and general stretching
    • Lacks side handles
    • Doesn't come with a workout DVD
    • Hard foam doesn't have much give

    If you’re looking for a spine corrector that’s ideal for a variety of moves and body types, check out the Real Relax Pilates Spine Corrector. It’s gently curved on one side and has a more pronounced curve on the other, so you can do everything from back extensions to ab work and spine stretches.

    This exercise arc invites you to try out your favorite Pilates exercises. You can work your legs, arm, shoulders and back while keeping your spine’s natural curve in check. The spine corrector is also ideal for yoga and general stretching.

    When you’re not stretching your spine, flip the Relax Pilates corrector over to improve your balance. You can work either side to strengthen your core, improve your flexibility and generally condition your body. 

    Constructed with Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), this spine corrector features high-tech material that’s built to last. It can withstand frequent, repeated use, making the corrector a sensible investment for active households. The surface is easy to wipe clean after each workout.

  8. 8. STOTT Merrithew Arc Barrel Deluxe

    • Durable and supportive EVA foam cushioning
    • Can be used on a raised mat or Cadillac
    • Ideal size for mat-work
    • Only comes in one size
    • Additional shipping fee
    • Doesn't have carrying handles

    With its gentle curves and supportive EVA foam cushioning, this STOTT Merrithew Arc Barrel works especially well for injury rehabilitation and general stretching. You can use the arc to decompress and lengthen the spine as well as to perform some of your favorite Pilates exercises.

    This Pilates barrel is also the optimal size for use during mat-work and features a 117-degree curve. You can also use it on a raised mat or the Cadillac. Baltic Birch panels give this Pilates tool a more upscale appearance, while contoured handles make it easier to maneuver.

  9. 9. balanced body Oov

    • Activates the core stabilizing muscles
    • Complements the natural spine
    • Ideal for strengthening and stability
    • May not work for shorter users
    • Some complaints of stiff materials
    • Can be tricky to transport

    Unlike many spine correctors on the market, the balanced body Oov comes in small, medium and large sizes and generally fits those who are 5’6″ and over. Instead of providing a generic fit for a variety of heights, this corrector provides a more personalized experience as it mimics the spine’s natural curve.

    The corrector is gentle yet effective and allows the spine to gently extended and stretch. You may be focused on your spine, but this Pilates tool does more than just work your back. For example, it activates your core stabilizing muscles and can be used for various strengthening exercises.

  10. 10. Pilates Yoga Wedge & Spine Corrector

    • Flexible and detachable design
    • Helps correct physical imbalances
    • Works well for the whole body
    • Separating the pieces can be challenging
    • Only comes in one size
    • Doesn't have carrying handles

    Whether your posture is off and you could use a spine corrector to restore your spine’s natural curve, or you simply want to improve your balance and get in some good quality stretching, this versatile Pilates tool is a worthy investment.

    Aside from correcting the spine and stretching and strengthening your back the corrector also works well for yoga sessions, personal training, rehabilitation and general fitness. This versatile piece of home Pilates equipment caters to everyone, from sedentary office works to Pilates students and instructors, fitness buffs and more.

    A flexible, detachable design provides greater versatility.

How Do You Use a Pilates Spine Corrector?

Despite its name, a Pilates spine corrector does more than help your back. When used properly, this valuable piece of equipment can generally stretch your muscles and improve flexibility.

In addition to helping strengthen the spine, a Pilates arc also properly aligns the torso, abs and back. You can choose to simply lie on the corrector to help reduce back pain or incorporate some exercises to improve your overall spine health even more.

If you're looking for a piece of home gym equipment that primarily focuses on the spine, check out our best inversion tables for relieving back pain.

Is Pilates Safe for Back Problems?

Core Pilates movements emphasize boosting core strength and improving posture, which targets the spine and the surrounding muscles.

Not only is Pilates safe for back problems but those with chronic lower back pain may notice less pain with regular Pilates sessions, according to the American Council on Exercise. If you have lower back pain, there are several movements you can do to enhance your posture and reduce pressure in the lower back.

Is Pilates Good for Your Spine?

Pilates offers more than just a great way to enjoy a rewarding workout. According to the Hospital for Special Surgery, Pilates is good for your spine because it treats every vertebra as an individual bone.

Not only does this boost mobility throughout the spine, it also helps to correctly align the spine and is a generally effective form of pain management and relief. Many Pilates movements also strengthen and stabilize the back and abdominal muscles, which can further reduce back pain.

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