Stephon Marbury Blasts Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets Media Critcism

Getty Images In 2021, all eyes will be on Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Nets point guard, Kyrie Irving is the subject of criticism of an NBA agent who doesn’t believe that the NBA Champion will be successful in his role with the team under head coach, Steve Nash.

“No. No. Hell no,” an anonymous agent told The Athletic.

“You’re banking on the highest level of volatility. It’s an impossibility. Kevin Durant is probably the best player in the NBA but Kyrie Irving is a total loose cannon and he’s not doing anything to show us anything but that right now. That’s going to be difficult. I hate to comment on people I don’t really know, but Kyrie is entering his Stephon Marbury phase. You can see it. It’s there. Basketball is not a priority for him.”

“I think KD, if he’s healthy, is the best offensive player, and I buy Nash,” another agent told The Athletic.

“But I give Kyrie two months before he’s a malcontent. So, no.”


“Ya’ll will see next year,” a source close to Kyrie Irving tells me via text message. “Can’t wait.

Stephon Marbury is also not pleased by that characterization of Irving and the comparison that was made.

“There’s always someone pushing a narrative to the public about Black men who have a voice respect and the ability to make millions or billions of dollars,” Stephon Marbury told me via text message.

“It seems the threat will always be real no matter the time period in life. Kyrie is one of the realist humans on the earth let alone one of the coldest point guards to ever play the game of basketball with more time to wine and dine us. Because his mind sees differently than the crowd of people that speak frequently he’s a problem. He’s done things on the court we’ve never seen before. He’s a champion and if he never wins another championship he did more than a lot of people in his short time while living. If people stopped in the moment paid attention to the people pushing the narrative that he’s a problem it’s only because they can’t solve him. Take a look at most of the people writing about him and you’ll get your answer. It’s a gang of them and their built to tear down the culture assassinate your character your game while defaming your fame. These people who write my name, [their] parent’s wrote my name in vain and if it wasn’t their parents it was their grandparents. It’s all so familiar looking like how I look but it’s their book, we just keep them shook.”