Rob Gronkowski Drops Prediction Amid Tom Brady Rumors

Rob Gronkowski & Tom Brady

Getty Rob Gronkowski voiced his thoughts on where Tom Brady won't play in 2023.

Amid rumors of where quarterback Tom Brady will go in free agency, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end and Brady teammate Rob Gronkowski narrowed it down with one prediction.

“Oh man, there’s rumors he’s going to the 49ers, there’s rumors he’s going back to Tampa. Actually it’s only between the 49ers, Tampa, and New England right now from the media aspect, but I would 100% be surprised if he went back to New England,” Gronkowski said during the “New Heights” podcast on Monday, January 16. “No doubt. It would be nuts. That would be a crazy story, but I really just don’t see that happening.”

“I’m not Tom,” Gronkowski added jokingly. “But it’s open. It’s open though. A tough shot, shooting out of the woods in the golf game and hitting hit.”

Gronkowski played with Brady for 11 seasons, and Gronkowski is a friend of the 23-year quarterback. Gronkowski already got one prediction right with USA Today’s Josh Peter in February 2022 — Brady would unretire.

Previously, Gronkowski told Jimmy Kimmel on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that he could see Brady playing until age 50. Gronkowski also told SB Nation in December 2022 Brady “may stay with Tampa Bay” next season.

Brady helped the Bucs make the playoffs despite an 8-9 regular season without Gronkowski, who retired in June 2022. Gronkowski could also return to the league in 2023, which he didn’t rule out during the “Up and Adams” podcast with Kay Adams, formerly an analyst with the NFL Network.

“I’m saying there’s a chance,” Gronkowski told Adams as he held two fingers close together during the podcast video. “Like a little chance like that.”

If Gronkowski returns, it could be wherever Brady decides to play, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported.

Gronkowski Says Why He Picks Bucs Over Cowboys

Gronkowski remained after he talked with the team about a comeback in November 2022, per Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. However, Gronkowski believes the Bucs can take down the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card game on Monday and make a playoff run.

“They only put up six points and they had all of their starters playing against the [Washington] Commanders who aren’t even a playoff team this year,” Gronkowski told TMZ Sports on January 10 regarding the Cowboys. “It’s kind of 50/50. You don’t know what you are going to get with the Cowboys and you don’t know what you are going to get with the Buccaneers.”

“The Tampa Bay defense already knows how to stop the Cowboys and their offense,” Gronkowski added. “So I’m going to go with them. They’re going to win, I would say, 24-17.”

Gronkowski’s X-Factor for the Bucs in Playoffs

Bucs running back Leonard Fournette had one of his worst seasons running the ball in his whole career in 2022, but Gronkowski believes that will change come Monday.

It happened before in the 2020 playoffs when Fournette scored four touchdowns and amassed 448 yards in four playoff games. Fournette had a game-tying touchdown late in the Divisional Round last season.

“‘Playoff Lenny’ always steps it up when it comes to crunch time,” Gronkowski said on the “Up and Adams” podcast. “He definitely led us through the playoffs the last two years with the Buccaneers, and I don’t think it’s going to change this year. I think he’s going to step it up once again.”