Rob Gronkowski Makes Telling Statement on Tom Brady’s Options

Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski

Getty Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski could re-unite somewhere in 2023.

Since former Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski played 11 seasons with Tom Brady, Gronkowski sounds confident in which direction Brady will go in 2023.

Gronkowski narrowed down the guessing a little with his Thursday, January 26, appearance on NSPN Champa Bay TV. He didn’t hesitate to answer if Brady is more likely to stick with the Bucs for 2023 or go west as a free agent to play for the Las Vegas Raiders next.

“I would say the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I mean, he’s been there now for three years,” Gronkowski said on the show. “It’s just such a great organization. They got such great people in the front office.”

Las Vegas surfaced as a likely destination for Brady amid reports  of the team’s interest and pursuit of Brady. Tampa Bay, meanwhile, could re-sign Brady for a fourth season with the team.

“So, if I have to take a guess right now over those two [teams], I would just say the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,” Gronkowski added.

If Gronkowski has any intel on Brady’s plans, the retired tight end said more than Brady did on his own future. Brady made a NSFW comment during the “Let’s Go!” podcast on Monday that he hasn’t made up his mind yet.

Gronkowski, who retired in June 2022, acknowledged on the “Up & Adams” podcast that it gets old as a football player to keep hearing questions about the future. With the said, Gronkowski’s “I’m kinda bored” tweet in December playfully invited speculation about his own future.

In a previous appearance on the “Up & Adams” podcast, Gronkowski said there’s “a little chance” he will play football again in 2023. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that if Gronkowski returns he would likely team up with Brady — the only full-time starting quarterback Gronkowski has ever played with in the league.

Gronkowski Indicates That Brady Will Play Again

While Gronkowski took a guess on Brady’s destination during his NSPN Champa Bay TV appearance, he dropped a possible hint that Brady is inclined to play again in 2023.

“Everybody wants to know about Tom Brady’s future and I don’t think Tom knows about his future right now,” Gronkowski said on the FOX “NFL Sunday” broadcast on January 21. “Let me tell you this. He was top-5 in passing yards last season. He can still play the game.”

“It’s going to be whatever situation intrigues him the most,” Gronkowski added. “Whatever opportunity that makes him the most excited to play the game of football. That is where he will be next year.”

Gronkowski then got asked to clarify if he’s certain of Brady coming back to play.

“Yes, back playing football,” Gronkowski responded.

“If for some reason he’s not going to be, he always has an opportunity, a job with us next year,” Gronkowski added.

Brady has a $375 million deal with FOX as a broadcaster upon retirement from the NFL.

Finances Behoove Bucs to Keep Brady

If Brady plays next season, it behooves the Bucs financially to find a way to keep him.

The Bucs face a $35.1 million dead cap hit, per Spotrac, if Brady plays somewhere else. Tampa Bay already faces a dire salary cap situation with $55 million over the salary cap, per Spotrac.

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