World Pound For Pound MMA Rankings

UFC featherweight champion
1. Jose Aldo

Jeremy Botter: The past month has been a very fortunate one for Aldo. He notched another dominant win over Manny Gamburyan and then he becomes the first UFC featherweight champion overnight. Big things are in store for Aldo.

Spencer Kyte: The UFC featherweight champion has looked like Anderson Silva circa 2007, finishing each and every opponent put before him since debuting with the soon-to-be-defunct WEC. What makes him so impressive is that just about everyone agrees that Aldo could step up to lightweight and leave the same trail of destruction.

Matt Brown: We all know that nobody in MMA is unstoppable.  That being said, Jose Aldo has looked about as unstoppable as any fighter in recent memory.  His speed/size combo is going to present problems for every single fighter he faces at 145 pounds.

2. Georges St. Pierre

Jeremy Botter: The way I see it, St. Pierre really has two interesting fights remaining at welterweight, and one of them happens in December against Josh Koscheck. After that, he faces Jake Shields. Two dominant wins should equal a move to middleweight if St. Pierre truly wants to keep challenging himself.

Spencer Kyte: No fighter has been more consistently dominant against high-level competition than the UFC welterweight champion. With each impressive performance, his stunning loss to Matt Serra becomes less and less relevant.

Matt Brown: A dominant win over Josh Koscheck and St. Pierre could find himself right back in the number one spot on this list.  The shocking loss to Matt Serra seems like forever ago and since, St. Pierre’s popularity has skyrocketed.  With Gatorade and Under Armour sponsorships under his belt, his star will only get brighter.

3. Anderson Silva

Jeremy Botter: The St. Pierre philosophy goes for The Spider. Yes, he nearly lost to Chael Sonnen, and some might even say he was exposed. But he still earned the victory and still reigns as the most dominant middleweight in the sport. A move to light heavyweight would be much more interesting than going through the division a second time.

Spencer Kyte: It is amazing that two fighters can be considered better than the UFC middleweight champion. Silva has rattled off 13 consecutive victories, with two of those wins coming in the light heavyweight division.

Matt Brown: If you were ranking these fighters solely based on owning their division, then Silva would be head and shoulders above the rest.  He hasn’t lost since 2006, but Chael Sonnen certainly showed that the UFC middleweight champ might be vulnerable after all.

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