UFC Lightweight Believes He’s Getting Conor McGregor Next

Conor McGregor

Getty Images UFC star Conor McGregor.

The UFC has been quiet on its plans for Conor McGregor but Dustin Poirier believes that the promotion is plotting his fourth scrap with the Irishman.

Poirier responded to some questions from fans on social media and talked about his next fight.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” Poirier wrote on Twitter when he was asked about the fight with Diaz. “I haven’t heard from anyone in the last two months.”

Poirier then responded to someone who believes that McGregor is next for him, saying “probably so.”

It’d be the fourth fight between Poirier and McGregor, with “The Diamond” holding a 2-1 edge in the series. The rivals most recently faced off in July of last year, which Poirier won after McGregor broke his leg.

The two were involved in some vicious trash talk leading up to their last bout and Poirier previously shared that he didn’t think a fourth fight would be something that happens.

“Me and Conor have a history,” Poirier said. “Fighting him at ‘45 and bumping up, then bumping up, fighting him seven years later, beating him. Even that fight — I’m probably not going to fight Conor again. I don’t really want to fight Conor again. For me, that door is closed.

“The only reason I’d do it is for money. I beat him two times in a row. Can I best my two performances? Can I knock him out quicker? Can I 10-7 him? What can I do? I’ve done it. If I do it again, it’s just for money, right? So that’s a completely different thing.”

Dustin Poirier Sparring With Nate Diaz on Twitter

While Poirier hasn’t shown much interest in a fourth fight with McGregor, he does appear eager to book a fight with Nate Diaz. The two were scheduled to fight in 2018 but it never happened.

“When I’ve been laying down thinking about fights, nothing gets me excited — unless Nate Diaz wants to fight, if he wants to fight, that gets me excited,” Poirier said on the MMA Hour. “But all these other guys like even the new guys, and whoever it is, maybe a name will get me excited whenever I hear it, but nothing right now.

Diaz has lost three of his last four fights but is still one of the most anticipated draws in the sport. However, Poirier said that he believes Diaz has “retired” and a fight won’t happen.

”I wanted to fight nate this summer but just found out he’s hanging them up,” Poirier tweeted on March 24. “We’ll see what’s exciting in the future.”

The two sparred on Twitter as recently as April 16 — Diaz’s birthday.

“Get a deal done and get that ass whipped for your birthday,” Poirier tweeted.

Diaz responded, “Bruh no one likes you and u suck someone need a to put a purple belt on you thanks for da bday wishes tho.”

Conor McGregor Wants Kamaru Usman for Next Fight

While a fourth fight against Poirier might be interesting, McGregor has been clear he wants a shot at the welterweight champion Kamaru Usman for the belt.

“Myself versus Usman for the 170-pound title in my comeback fight is the one I’m eyeballing at the minute,” said McGregor, in an interview released on his YouTube channel. “Why cut the weight? I’ve already won the 155-pound title. I got myself to a lightweight frame, but you know, I’m big now. I feel big. I feel strong. I feel healthy. I’ve got good energy. I’m coming back from a gruesome injury. I don’t want to be depleting myself. There should be no need to deplete myself.

McGregor has looked beefier in photos since the injury and could decide to move up in weight class. That being said, Usman has mostly laughed off McGregor’s attempts to fight him, although a big payday could change his mind.


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